Is Catholicsm and Islam compatible?


Gd leaves enough errors in the false religions that a person with critical thinking cannot ignore.


They worship the same God. They do not recognize that the God they worship is a Trinity.

Failing to recognize that that God is a Trinity of 3 Persons does not mean that they (Jews or Moslems) worship a different God.

What you present here is nothing new. The Church dealt with this in the earliest centuries. Your line of thinking has been considered fallacious for nearly 2000 years.

Your caricature of what I wrote is quite pathetic. I did not say that “all that is required” is to use the same word.

You obviously have problems with this. That’s your problem. It’s your issue to resolve.

It does not change the fact that Jews, Christians and Moslems all worship the same God. No reasonable person educated on this subject disputes it.


Your posts do not come anywhere close to “critical thinking.”

Just because you have problems with Islam, and it’s very clear from your posts that you do, that doesn’t change the basic fact.

The Church knows it to be true.

Read Vatican II. Read the Catechism. Read where time and time again the Catholic Church reiterates that Jews, Christians and Moslems all worship the same God.

If you think you know better than the Catholic Church, that’s your problem.


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