Is changing the promise to God OK?


So, 1 and a half week ago I made private vow (without a priest) to God that I will pray … in next 3 weeks and I asked him to help me with confesion. I have sinned again and made another private vow to God that I will pray … every day of last week. I have fullfited second one, but first one is hard and I am not sure I can make it easily. I have asked a priest for help and he told me that it’s all OK and that I can make period for fullfitment of vow longer or THAT I CAN EVEN DISPANSE VOW since I haven’t done it in front of priest. I asked another priest and got similar answer. But my question is how can that be OK? I promised God I will pray, He gave me confesion and maybe even speciatelly helped me because of vow (although He knew I will break it) and now, when I got what I wanted, I have the right to quit it? Doesn’t verse in Bible talk about not making false promises to God?


It is not correct that you can dispense yourself. However if either of those priests was a or b, then your vow is dispensed.

A. Your pastor

B. The territorial pastor of the place you were at at the time, even if not your own pastor


But he is not goinng to do it! He said that I can dispene mysepf since I am the only witness of the vow (vow wasn’t done in front of priest).


Was one or both of them a or b?


Was it an actual solemn vow or a general intention?


Note that it could have been a simple vow.


He was incorrect. Canon Law regarding private vows - no Priest needs to be present. It is something one makes oneself. And he is incorrect that one may dispense oneself (again Canon Law). One may commute it to an equal or greater good but not dispense it.

That if it* was *actually a private vow (a valid one…that is possible etc - see the requirements in Canon Law). Some persons make resolutions or commitments and then later fear they made a vow. Or others attempt to vow what cannot be vowed or one that is in some way invalid to start with.

More than the persons Pastor may dispense by the way (see Canon Law).

I would recommend not making private vows in the future without a good amount of thought and perhaps counsel.


Is doing all this things, just in a longer period, considered equal good?


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