Is Charlemagne considered a saint in the Catholic Church?

Hey everyone. I read on Wikipedia that Charlemagne is honored by the Catholic Church. It even said that he was canonized. However, I looked on a site about saints that lists hundreds of saints and he was not on there so I thought I would confirm it by becoming here. Is Charlemagne considered a saint?

Charlemagne is a Blessed, one step below a Saint. Here’s an article I wrote on it:

Thanks Marc Anthony. I appreciate it.

Actually, what Wikipedia says about this is:

Charlemagne himself was accorded sainthood inside the Holy Roman Empire after the twelfth century. His canonisation by Antipope Paschal III, to gain the favour of Frederick Barbarossa in 1165, was never recognised by the Holy See, which annulled all of Paschal’s ordinances at the Third Lateran Council in 1179. His name does not appear among the 28 saints named Charles who are listed in the Roman Martyrology. However, his beatification has been acknowledged as cultus confirmed and is celebrated on 28 January.

As you can see, he was not canonized by a valid Pope.

Thanks! My sister is reading about him for her high school history class, and we were just talking about this. We were pondering the morality of his mistresses. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. I just saw something about him being canonized in the column at the top right of the article and thought that meant he was actually acknowledged as a saint.

Wikipedia is wrong more often than not about The Church. It even insists on calling the entire Catholic Church Roman Catholic, so I wouldn’t base anythong about The Church on Wikipedia.

Sorry about reviving an old thread but is Charlemagne’s possible canonization still being actively sought out at all? I find his story quite fascinating.

Charlemagne can start a loud discussion in my house any day… we try to avoid him.

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