Is Charlotte Church still Catholic?

I used to love listening to Charlotte Church’s beautiful voice when I was younger but it seems that she has turned her back on the church entirely. Does anybody know if she still claims to be Catholic? I know it’s weird but I used to think of her as, like, a younger sister and seeing her life fall apart the way it has really saddens me. If anybody could clear this up, I would be very grateful. God bless and I pray that you all stay strong in the faith.


Well, given that she has 2 kids but has never been married, I’d guess that she isn’t currently practicing.

She has a magnificent talent, but like a lot of young starlets, sacrificed her dignity in an effort to become more famous.

I was given her autobiography for father’s day “Voice of an Angle, my life so far”… This book was written as she was finishing her contract to Sony…

The sad part is, her parish priest taught it was OK to be a cafeteria Catholic… So, I guess she chose what she liked about the faith and left the rest behind. So many do that today… Look at the Catholics in our US senate and congress. Not much different, only maybe a little less shameful…

That book you were mentioning was written when she was 14 if I remember correctly. She has changed a lot, unfortunately, since that time.

Let us pray for her; it is never too late for her to change and become Catholic, or maybe Orthodox. St. Augustine took years, and all that time his faithful mother prayed for him.

I completely agree. I even made a short video on YouTube asking everybody who watches the video to please pray for her. Hopefully it will help others to remember Charlotte Church and pray for her.

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