Is cheating on an online quiz/exam a mortal sin?

Please help, I am very worried about this. At my last confession I did not confess to this even though I have done it several times. I’ve never considered it or known it to be a mortal sin. I did it multiple times before my last confession and at least twice since that I am aware of. I just came back into communion with the church about 3 weeks ago after some time away and now I’m worried I have messed that up again. I wasn’t planning on making my next confession for probably another week and a half or so but now I’m not sure if I should receive communion until then or if I have been receiving communion in mortal sin for the last 3 weeks. Thank you for any advice you have.

Unless it was a quiz/exam for something that would affect the lives of others (doctor, lawyer, firefighter, etc) then I doubt it was a mortal sin. I still recommend you confess it but I don’t see anything grave here.

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