Is Christ in any way seperate from His true Church?


Here is the question, please stay on the topic as to answer with your agreement or disagreements concisely. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Is the church and everyone in the church in good standing, in any way seperate from Jesus Christ the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity? This would include both the church militant and the church triumphant. Let’s discuss it! What does the Church teach regarding this?


They would only be separated if they sin gravely. If you want a more clear answer, you have to be more specific.

This would include both the church militant and the church triumphant. Let’s discuss it! What does the Church teach regarding this?

The Church consist of Church Militant, Church Suffering, and Church Triumphant (Saints in heaven). We are always united especially during the Divine Liturgy or Mass in the Latin Rite. We don’t believe those who died before us is disconnected with us.

Indeed, their bodies are stuck here in on earth and awaits for the coming resurrection. Their souls if they are free of any sin are in heaven, are a witness of the beautific vision. They see God as he is. They see the glorified Jesus Christ. The unity of the Holy Trinity, which no human mind can comprehend.


the question is not of those in the church and their standing in the church. The question assumes that everyone spoken of in the title of “the church” is in good standing and therefore IN the Church, spiritually etc…

the question is,

“Is Christ in any way seperate from those in good standing in the church.”

Is Christ seperate in any way from His church?


The Church Militant is always in good standing and united with Christ and the Church triumphant, for the Church militant never ceases to be the very body of Christ. As for certain individuals within her, those that commit a grave sin, although they maybe visibly in the Church militant and still function in her, they are still spiritually disconnected and are separated from the whole Church (both Triumphant AND Militant), unless they make an act of perfect contrition. So, it is possible for let’s say the Pope, bishops, priests, deacons, theologians, lay ministers, and etc. to be in a state of grave sin (which would include heresy), but can still validly go about doing their normal functions in the Church though they are spiritually disconnected from her. If one is separated from the Church Triumphant, one is also spiritually separated from the Church militant though one maybe visibly and physically in it. In regards to an official excommunication, an excommunication separates and casts one out entirely from both aspects of the Church, both physically and spiritually (militant and triumphant), unless one recants. Therefore, a person that is excommunicated is not permitted to resume their normal functions in the Church, unless there is a grave reason to (e.g. when no other legitimate minister is available). However, once a sacrament has been validly conferred, it can never be annulled, just as marriage is indissoluble, so too the other sacraments including the priesthood. Therefore, an excommunicated priest administers the sacraments validly but illicitly. Validly because our Lord is conscience of the fact that the people need the sacraments despite the imperfection of the minister, illicitly because the minister himself is not properly suited for it. When we receive such sacraments from an illicit minister, we sin because we become an accessory to his sin, unless there is a grave reason (e.g. death is imminent and no legitimate priest is available). It is not the sacrament itself that is illicit, but the action performed by the individual conferring it that is illicit.


No, he’s not separate in anyway from his church. It is we who separate from him and his church when we sin.


I agree, Christ is in no way seperate from his church.


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