Is Christ sacrificed again at Mass?

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It has been quiite a long time since I last posted. I have just godt back form a wonderful weekend visiting the anglo-catholic shrine at Walsingham. I loved it. We went down the road to do the stations of the cross at the Roman Catholic shrine. That was so meaningful.

My question is to do with mass. When we celebrate mass I understood what is meant by the Real Presence, although of course, my mind is too small to comprehend this fully. However, do catholics believe that Christ is sacrificed again? I thought that Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was once and for all, complete. Please help me. I really do want to understand.



Christ died once, but his sacrifice on the cross transcends time. covering all those who went before him and all those yet to be born. The Mass makes the reality of his Passion present in our lives in a very concrete way. When we see the body, under the form of bread separate from the blood, under the form of wine, we recognize his death. The reality of his self-gift is there before us there on the altar. In Holy Communion he enters into our very persons both spiritually and physically. No greater communion of persons is possible on this earth. Only the marital union comes close.

The Catholic Church teaches that such reality is only present the the Eucharist of the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches. Because of their removal of the belief in the sacrifice of the Mass, the Protestant reformers as well as the Church of England lost valid orders (ordination) early on and therefore, do not have a valid euchariast.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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