Is Christianity dead in Europe?


I’d say quite a lot, although it’s hard to quantify. Just as an observation, we recently took out a subscription to satellite TV in Italy, and were interested to see how much religious (Catholic) content there is. There’s extensive coverage of Papal visits to other countries, for instance.


The Orthodox Church is growing and alive in Eastern Europe and Russia. In the Moscow region alone, under the leadership of President Putin, about 200 new Russian Orthodox churches have been or are being built. I don’t know though about Roman Catholicism in the west. I heard that many Roman Catholic Churches have shut down, especially in Holland.


Thank God for the Orthodox Church in Russia.
Putin won’t let western liberalism destroy their faith.


That’s great, the more the better, he’s a force for good in the world.


Very true.


I almost didn’t! :rofl:

For weeks, I couldn’t access the forum. I’m glad to see you here as well. How many of the other posters we used to chat with over on World News have survived?


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