Is Christianity the peaceful religion?


Can we say that is Christianity the peaceful religion in now a days to other religion?
I hope i get lot of comments.


Sure Christianity is a peaceful religion. So are the other religions but Islam. :thumbsup:


When was the last time you heard about a Christian bombing a mosque? Or blowing themselves up in a restaurant?

We have some who promote violence, or try to, but violence is not as tolerated in our society as it is in Islamic society.


I saw the creators of South Park (rude cartoon) on 20/20 and they talked about how they can basically deipict Jesus any way they want and although Christians boycott & write angry letters, that’s as far as it goes. They said that they are fearful of depciting Muhammad because they don’t want to get blown up.

That pretty much says it all.


Yes, Christianity is peaceful. Unfortunately Christians have not always acted peacefuly. They acted in defiance to their declared faith. Unlike some other religion where violance is not in defiance to its teachings, but in accordance with it.


…at least since the Thirty Years War…


I seriously think Muslims would be proud of this. :eek:

I mean it. They interpret it as them being so powerful that nobody wants to insult them.


Quite cheerfully, I must say it apparently is not. Christianity is getting itself burned in effigy, threatened with death and killed. :smiley:
It makes people mad.:smiley: Peaceful? Well, that is not exactly what He promised on earth, now was it? So in the face of how angry everyone is with Christianity, I would have to say it is not exactly spreading peace, unless of course you are a masochist.:smiley: :smiley:


I say yes Christianity is peaceful. If not, then Madonna would be in a heap of trouble wouldn’t she? Instead she travels the world and mocks our sacred beliefs.


When looking at the peacefulness of any faith path I think it is important to look directly at the teachings of that particular faith. Have some, or even many, Christians been non-peaceful? Yes. Is that in line with the teachings of historic Christianity? No.

The actions of a faith’s adherents might be an indicator of the teachings, but we have to take all of the actions and all of the teachings into consideration.

When I as a Christian fall short of my Masters teachings what do I do? Repent, confess, and do penance. This is what the Master wishes, and so we do as Christians. Where I have done violence, I repent and seek forgiveness. This is what The Church teaches me to do.

Christianity is peaceable because it is what Jesus would have us be.


Is Christianity the peaceful religion? Yes

Although Islam is also said to be a peaceful religion, IMHO the main difference is that Christians will openly and publicly condemn acts of violence committed in the name of Christianity whereas we are deafened by the silence in the Muslim world when violent acts against Christians or others are committed by Muslims.


True. The real question should be, is any world religion besides Islam violent?


Satantic religions? The ones where Satan is actually glorified and worshiped?

Not the wiccan pagan people - I think they are just into the creation rather than the Creator - but they aren’t violent.


Although in practice we’re probably not as peaceful as Jesus would want us to be, the fact that people can insult us with basically no consequences means that we have at least learned to “turn the other cheek” in those situations.

Islam is the only religion I know of where people blow themselves up just to make a point, though. It’s also the only religion I know of where it’s considered acceptable to send children out into mine fields to clear the way for the “real” soldiers.

Recently, a suicide bomber blew up a group of Islamic children who had accepted candy from some Canadian soldiers. It seems like a very unforgiving religion, to me, to punish little kids with the death penalty for accepting candy from strangers.

My Mom yelled at me for stuff like that when I was a kid, but it would never have even occurred to her to blow up both herself and me over it.


Also, is there another religion where a young girl is seen talking in public to a boy and that gives her brother the right to kill her to protect their family’s “good name?”

sick. :mad:


Wow lot of comments i get favor Christianity. I really love to know about it. And its true too.
But see in which country i am live and i am listening news too about Islam that Islam is spreading now a days.
So what are things in the Islam which provoke it to spreading now a days?
When i listen that any one convert in Islam and before he or she was a Christian. I really think and trying to find out what are thing in Islam that make and agree the people to converting in Islam?
Its make me crazy.


Dear in JesusChrist,
don’t be worried by people saying Islam is speading, there’s no credible evidence that it really is, other then that muslims have more children then other communities.This is a lie spread by muslims themselves to make their religion look good.


This is hard to explain. Christianity is a peaceful religion, but it is not a pacifist religion. If anyone has questions about my statement then please ask them. God speed.


I’m a South Park fan, and they have taken on Islam. They tried to take on Mohammed but I believe that Comedy Central lost its nerve.


All religion promotes peace, but only those who practise religion cause violent not the religion itself

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