Is Christ's body present in the host and the chalice or just the host? What about His blood?

Hello everyone. I have a question. Is Christ’s body present only in the Host or is it also present in the Chalice? What about His blood? Is it only present in the Chalice or is it also present in the Host? Thanks!

Christ is present, whole and entire, His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, under each of the forms, bread and wine. He is entirely present in the form of bread. He is entirely present in the form of wine. If a person receives Communion under either form, he receives all of Christ. Receiving under both forms is a “fuller sign,” but not a fuller reality.

Oh okay. That’s what I thought but I wasn’t entirely sure.

Yes, the Council of Trent clarified that “immediately after the consecration” we have
the veritable Body of our Lord, and His veritable Blood, together with His soul and divinity, are under the species of bread and wine; but the Body indeed under the species of bread, and the Blood under the species of wine, by the force of the words; but the body itself under the species of wine, and the blood under the species of bread, and the soul under both, by the force of that natural connexion and concomitancy whereby the parts of Christ our Lord, who hath now risen from the dead, to die no more, are united together; and the divinity, furthermore, on account of the admirable hypostatical union thereof with His body and soul. Wherefore it is most true, that as much is contained under either species as under both; for Christ whole and entire is under the species of bread, and under any part whatsoever of that species; likewise the whole (Christ) is under the species of wine, and under the parts thereof.

I once heard a priest tell of a time, during Mass, when he was distributing Communion. A lay woman stood next to him as Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, with the Chalice. At one point, instead of saying, “The Blood of Christ,” she said, " The Body of Christ." Later, as he reflected on this, he realized that her “mistake” was not a mistake. It was technically correct, if inadvertant.

Hello friends.

I am a new Catholic (will celebrate one year on April 3). I was going to post my own thread, but saw this and thought maybe you all could be of some help. I believe in the Real Presence in theory. Yet I have a really hard time feeling and acknowledging that it truly is Jesus when I’m at Mass.

Can anyone suggest any books that I can read regarding the Eucharist/Real Presence? I don’t question that it’s true, but it’s like I’m searching for a “Wow, I’m really receiving Jesus” moment, and I’m just not finding that. I need something to read to help make it more real for me!

Thanks for your help and blessings to all.

Look up '“The Miricle of Luciano” (you may also need to check the spelling). This happened around the 600-650 AD in Luciano, Italy.

This prayer helped me out ***A LOT ***when I was really in need of the WOW moment of which you speak.

Peace be with you on your journey! :console:

Teresa of Avila (1515–1582)

Christ Has No Body

Christ has no body but yours,
No hands, no feet on earth but yours,
Yours are the eyes with which he looks
Compassion on this world,
Yours are the feet with which he walks to do good,
Yours are the hands, with which he blesses all the world.
Yours are the hands, yours are the feet,
Yours are the eyes, you are his body.
Christ has no body now but yours,
No hands, no feet on earth but yours,
Yours are the eyes with which he looks
compassion on this world.
Christ has no body now on earth but yours.

You might want to read some of these articles.

*Dear Brandint,

I have always found the movie the Miracle of Marcelino to be very beautiful and moving.

Another story is about Blessed Imelda Lambertini
Here is a brief story shared by some else story of how Blessed Imelda moved them also;
The book I have is a children’s book by Mary Fabyan Windeatt.
I believe it is well done and sticks to the facts that I have found on line about the her.
According to the book I have, one of the beautiful thoughts that Blessed Imelda had at a very young age was how we are all tabernacles. She understood that every human body is meant to be the dwelling of the Most Holy Trinity.

Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity equally present in Both consecrated Species.

One cannot separate Both Species as being less or more than the other down to the last miniscule droplet of wine (blood) or crumb of Host. Jesus is fully and trans-substantially present in every particle of both species.

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