Is Climate Change a sign of the last days?

Many here are from the USA, and have been affected recently by all sorts of freak weather. Tornadoes, unprecedented rain and flooding. In recent years cyclones that have dwarfed what have come before.
And in the wider world we have seen tsunamis, droughts and other freak events that have broken records. The UK seems to have record flooding every year now. In my corner of the world New Zealand suffered a harsh drought last year and Australia has it’s bush-fire season getting earlier and earlier each year. The Philippines was ravaged by a record-breaking typhoon.
All pretty uncomfortable stuff (to say the least). :frowning:

Ten years ago many claimed “climate change” was a fictitious hysterical invention and “weapons of mass destruction” were far more dangerous to the world.:rolleyes:

Today sceptics of climate change are far harder to find. :wink:

When Jesus was asked about the sign of his return he mentioned Wars and earthquakes and pestilences and critical times hard to deal with. (Matthew 24, Luke 21 and 2 Tim 3.)

Is Climate change a sign of “the last days” :confused:

(or is that the kind of crazy talk we would expect of Jehovah’s Witnesses?:D)

I think the only reason that weather ever seems “unprecedented” or “freakish” is because we humans live such short lives.

Climate is always changing; we just don’t usually notice it, like a creature who only lives for a month doesn’t realize that the seasons change throughout the year. If such a creature witnessed summer turn to autumn and then to winter, he would think it was “freakish and unprecedented”.

The earth’s climate goes through fairly long periods of climate change (on the order of 20,000 to 300,000 years). It also goes through shorter periods of change due to solar activity (which tends to go in 11-year cycles), how far we are from the sun (it varies quite a bit) and other factors.

But human activity has nothing to do with it. I sometimes hear a global warming alarmist say “this is the hottest summer since 1805!” and I wonder: what caused it to be so hot in 1805? The human population was much smaller back then and there was virtually no industry putting CO2 into the atmosphere. The answer is: the natural ebb and flow of the earth’s climate.

For much of the earth’s history it was much, much warmer than it is now. And up until about 12,000 thousand years ago, we were in the midst of one of many ice-ages in our planet’s history.

For the last 12,000 years or so, the earth has been in an inter-glacial period (between ice ages). Since all of our commonly known history is from this relatively very warm period, we have come to think of it as normal. But until very recently, scientists were warning of a coming ice-age. When I was young, about 50 years ago, that’s what they were warning us about, and it it is still far more likely that we are about to enter another ice-age (like many times before) than that we are going to get burned up by global warming.

We humans think we are so consequential, but we are not. The earth’s weather system is incredibly large and we are incredibly small by comparison. If you peed in the ocean, the ocean would not notice. If all six billion of us peed in the ocean, the ocean still would not notice. Same with the climate.

This global climate change nonsense is just a big political money-and-power-grab. What is the left-wing government’s first reaction to the theory of global warming? LET"S TAX ALL CARBON EMISSIONS! Of course. That’s the left’s reaction to everything - oh goody, another excuse to raise taxes and concentrate more power in federal regulatory agencies where we don’t need to win elections - we just create regulations instead of laws. Regulations work like laws, but you don’t need to get elected to make them.

Relax, the crops grow better when there’s more CO2 for them to use for photosynthesis. The forests replenish themselves faster. The earth is self-regulating. God made it that way and I believe He knows what He is doing.


ETA: The earth is not getting warmer anyway. It got a few degrees warmer over the last 70 years, but for the last several years it has been cooling. I wonder how they will tax that?

Maybe :shrug:

“But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.” Matt. 24:37

“But the day of the Lord will come like a thief…” 2 Peter 3:10

God bless

The climate has been changing since the creation of the world. But the changes are not caused by man. If you think they are I have a few things I would like to sell you, really great bargins too.


That’s not what Bill Nye says.

It’s nonsense.


So let me get this straight----secular liberals in the West have a field day making fun of Christians who claim the last days are at hand, and now I’m supposed to entertain this bit of pseudo-science?

45 years ago we were told that if we didn’t X and give up freedoms Y and Z to the federal government, we’d all be floating little ice cubes.

Sorry, I don’t buy into the nonsense that man is going destroy himself by changing the climate. It’s quite arrogant at this point to assume we have the ability to terraform the planet in such a way.

The climate change issue is no longer about science, largely speaking, but has become a de facto religion for those seeking easy grant money, attention and prestige.

I would also suggest taking a few courses in thermodynamics.

As for the religious element in all this “we are not to know the times and seasons of the father”.

Well, there you go.

Ahhhh, a wise man. Diogenes would find rest in you. :slight_smile:

People will give you tons of reasons if you care to listen. They have been doing it forever.

My advice to you would be this, go ahead and believe that his close to the last days, because it is for someone somewhere, and it could for sure be you or me.

So confess you sin often, go to mass, pray often and keep you heart close with God and his Saints and be ready, but do not be afraid, and don’t let people scare you.

Remember every second of the day it is the end for someone.

I suggest that you read the article entitled “Another Ice Age” from the June 24, 1974 issue of Time magazine. Among the great statements by various “climatologists” are the following:

" Man, too, may be responsible for the cooling trend. The University of Wisconsin’s Reid A. Bryson and other climatologists suggest that dust and other particles released into the atmosphere as a result of farming and fuel burning may be blocking more and more sunlight from reaching and heating the surface of the earth."

[So back then our industry and farming was cooling the earth, not warming it.]

“The earth’s current climate is something of an anomaly; in the past 700,00 years, there have been at least seven major episodes of glaciers spreading over much of the planet. Temperature have been as high as they are now only about 5% of the time.”

Warned climatologist Kennth Hare of the University of Toronto: " I don’t think that the world’s present population is sustainable if there are more than three years like 1972 in a row."

[Remember, this was the time of Paul and Anne Erlich’s book “The Population Explosion” which predicted that population and pollution would result in an imminent environmental collapse.]

Just understand that what was formerly called global warming, then climate change and now climate variation, is nothing more than part of an excuse for an anti-capitalist agenda of taxation (e.g. the carbon tax), government control of private enterprise, and wealth and income distribution.

Wow, Hank, great to see you here!

Thanks for citing those quotes. I also read a book called “The Coming Ice Age” in 1973 or so, just when I was graduating high school.


Well, there you go,

He says quite a lot of things that people should reject.

Even if global warming is genuine, it’s not necessarily a sign of the end days, which have been upon us for about 2,000 years now anyway.

So do a lot of people; the difference is that he’s a scientist.

And? Lots of scientists have been VERY wrong about many things through history. On this topic, almost NONE of their predictions or computer models have come to fruition, and their science is spotty at best.

Except here.

When Jesus was asked about the sign of his return he mentioned Wars and earthquakes and pestilences and critical times hard to deal with. (Matthew 24, Luke 21 and 2 Tim 3.)

Is Climate change a sign of “the last days” :confused:

(or is that the kind of crazy talk we would expect of Jehovah’s Witnesses?:D)

There are many things in the Bible that turn out to be scientifically true, so it could be possible.

Many environmentalists say that people will realize the situation re global warming and address it (they assume we are rational beings with some modicum of moral bearings). However knowing how fallen we are and how much we continue to refuse God’s love and laws (also in the Bible), that is doubtful. I refuse to lose hope, but it does seem doubtful people will mitigate GW to any meaningful extent, but instead will allow destruction and devastation and mass ecocide-genocide over the next 100,000s of years.

It is interesting that it is sin that is expected to bring about the end of the world acc to the Bible, and it is sin that is contributing to GW – greed, sloth, material gluttony, profligacy, living in convenient & self-serving lies, pride, refusal to accept moral responsibility or admit one might be engaged in wrong or in structures of wrong.

However, I think even if we do the worst re failing to mitigate GW, life on earth (tho greatly diminished within the next 1000s and 100,000s of years) will go on until the sun on its way to self-destruction gets so hot as to completely destroy all life on earth (in a billion years or so).

My husband, on the other hand, does think these extreme weather-related events could be signs of the end times.

He might be right.

Except a huge majority accept what’s been said about climate change. Why should we assume that people who are far more intelligent than us in these matters are all liars?

I’m just not a big conspiracy guy personally.

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