Is Cloning Plans and Animals Okay? Or even Human Body Parts?


Is Cloning Plans and Animals Okay? Or even Human Body Parts? What does the Catholic Church teach specifically.


We have been cloning plants for thousands of years - by cuttings. . And doing genetic modification in a simple form by cross pollination and interbreeding (mules are a sterile result of interbreeding that occurs naturally, also ligers which are lion/tiger crosses)

However, genetic modification can include cross-species traits, such as taking luminous genes from jellyfish and putting them into plants and animals. I don’t like the idea of that at all. Why do we need luminous corn or mice? Creepy! Next minute Triffids will be a reality!

Identical twins are naturally occurring clones!

Cloning of human beings for any purpose would be forbidden by the Catholic Faith and it should be rejected as evil by all Christians even by all non-Christians. It is clearly opposed to the Natural Moral Law. So even non-believers should reject such efforts. :thumbsup:

If it became possible to grow human body parts without the rest of the body, that would be morally ok. You need the whole body for there to be a “soul.”

If, however, this could only be done by starting with an embryo that would be wrong, AIUI because the soul is already there.


A story about a guy who is working with doctors to grow two noses (one spare) to replace the one he lost due to cancer. They took stem cells from his bone marrow to grow into cartilage in a mold in the shape of his nose (nose cast taken before his original nose was removed). And then used his arm to grow skin around the new cartilage.

The goal is to regrow human body parts. Human twins occur naturally. There is no intent involved.

Here is a document from the Holy See regarding human cloning.

There would be no point in cloning plants.

The cloning of animals seems to have no useful purpose except, possibly, genetic modification.


And that is permissible, under certain circumstances.

Here is the Vatican document on transgenesis, specifically on the genetic modification of pigs with human genes to make them more compatible organ donors.

Paragraph 15 is the appropriate reference.

To me, making body parts like noses from tissue is fine. I think cloning of humans and animals is wrong. I read about how many animals were produced before Dolly was born and the disfigurement and suffering of those animals. I think we want to play God sometimes.

Depends on what the scientists are doing… If they’re trying to create a new human life, that is wrong. If it’s with animals, it isn’t really any different (morally speaking) from other forms of animal husbandry.
Also, if they’re making a replacement part of a human out of their own or a willing donor’s tissue, such as helping them grow a new nose as the above poster mentioned, that is medicine. Practicing medicine is not a sin.
Some people do find the idea creepy, but creepiness does not make things sinful. Some people are sickened by the sight of blood- that doesn’t mean helping injured people with transfusions is sinful!

Indeed, many things about human life and human soma, however marvelous, would seem creepy if magnified enough thousand times…


Really, “creating” a new other creature of God is fine? That’s playing God to me. I am sickened by the suffering caused too. How does that relate to animal husbandry? Even in the killing of animals for food, cruelty is never condoned.

So based on what I’ve read on this thread.

Cloning Plants is okay
Cloning Animals is sometimes? okay – need to see the links if and when i get time.
Cloning Body Parts is okay personal cells are used or donated cells from a willing donor.

Sounds correct?

Close enough for government work:)


Is that how you can get McDonalds french fries that are identical wherever you go in the world??

If done just for sheer novelty like making a glowing green bunny it seems kinda creepy. However the green fluorescent protein and related are extremely useful things in biology research. Very handy in everything from cancer to infectious disease research, in tracking the molecular series of events that goes on inside a cell. Usually though it’s just done in cells in a petri dish, not in whole animals.

How else can I see how much popcorn is left in my bucket at the movies? :smiley:

If there were luminous mice in the wild, would we ultimately see luminous cats???:slight_smile:

What’s wrong with cloning is that humans are playing God.
We are also disrespecting Him but also his Creation.

Shouldn’t be allowed IMHO, and is disgusting.

You eat MICE as a movie snack?!


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