Is committing suicide an unforgivable sin?

Even Christians think of suicide (passively or actively). Stress, depression, and brain chemicals can push them to do so. But what if they die as they put their thoughts into action. Is it a sin? Will they be forgiven? What activities can you suggest to take their minds off thinking about suicide?

Help prevent suicide.

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My grandfather who was in much pain after losing his wife to cancer commited suicide, I pray for him often. My best friend growing up got into drugs and alcohol and ended his own life, I pray for him often as well. Our God who is all good, all loving, and all merciful understands the pain, the demons, and the medical problems these people are dealing with. I myself have had suicidal thoughts in the past during times of great stress and depression. Going to Mass, going to confession, praying to our Lord, the rosary, all these things have helped. I’ve also talked to a Doctor about them and medications can help as well. God bless you.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255

Available 24 hours everyday

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The only unforgivable sin is listed in Scripture (Mark 3:28-30) as “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit” which is usually interpreted as the rejection of God and His love.

Only God knows the state of mind of the suicidal person at the moment of his or her death. It’s entirely possible that a suicidal person is mentally ill or mentally disturbed to the point of being unable to form the necessary intent to commit a mortal sin. Many suicidal people also have some kind of alcohol or drugs (prescription or illegal) in their system that affect their judgment.

People can also repent in the last seconds before death. St. John Vianney, who could read hearts, had a private revelation that a man who had jumped from a bridge repented in the last seconds as he was falling. I had a friend who jumped into a river when suicidal (and drunk) and was last seen caling for help - obviously at that point he had decided he didn’t want to die after all, or else why would he call for help? Some people also believe that God gives people one last chance to repent after death, although we have no way of knowing for sure if God does this.

As for “taking their minds off thinking about suicide”, someone contemplating suicide should get professional mental health help. It is not something where a friend can just “take their mind off it”. Some of us who contemplate suicide are fortunate or strong and manage to change our own thinking without seeing a doctor (I did) but I don’t recommend that. Get the person to a doctor or a counselor or have them call the suicide hotline.


No, it’s not unforgivable. If something is unforgivable, that would be a very big deal and God would want us to know because it’s important to know. However, the Bible never says that suicide is unforgivable. If it was unforgivable, the Bible would say so. As long as a person that commits suicide doesn’t blaspheme the Holy Spirit or take the mark of the Beast, God may forgive him/her.

Should we commit suicide? by no means. We have an obligation to run the race for as long as God wants us to. Suicide is never the right answer.

It is really hard to know if it is forgivable or not… Only God can judge the heart of a person…

So to better help when you know a person who is suicidal is to encourage him to seek professional help, to prevent suicide from happening. Let us be sensitive and concerned about the people around us, how they feel and how they may react to the situation we may put them into.

I can’t imagine the pain of losing loved ones to suicide. Will include you in my prayers @causer00000. May He continue to strengthen you.

I only remember a little bit of my grandfather. I remember when I was like 4 or 5 walking him across the road to check the mail because he had gone blind due to untreated diabetes. My best friend however, we were both 21. In a way I feel as thought his suicide prevented me from going down the same path because of how much it hurt to lose him. Luckily through the grace of God even though we had some of the same problems, I made it and have left those things far far behind me. Thank you for your prayers and God bless.

In 2000, my uncle committed suicide. I saw him the day before and he seemed happy. He had just separated from his wife and was staying in my other uncle’s basement. He got drunk and hung himself. Do I believe he’s in Hell? Well, let me ask you a question, if you don’t know something’s a sin, can you be held responsible for it? Uncle Dale was not in his right mind. That said, if someone committed suicide, I think it best to pray for the repose of their soul.

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