Is Communion on the tongue dangerous?

Though I have resisted for a long time, I have started receiving Communion in the hand because it seems that too many times the host is not placed properly on my tongue and falls to the floor. I am a fairly tall guy and I think that the priest has a hard time placing it properly when he reaches up. And I’m unable to kneel without a rail because of physical problems. I figure that it is better to have the host in my hand than ending up on the floor. Any comments?

Given your circumstances, you are probably right to receive in the hand when that is an option. Sometimes that can be a good option to have. I ordinarily receive the host on the tongue and then receive from the chalice when the chalice is offered. But when I have a cold sore on my lip, I receive the host in the hand and forego the chalice. In such circumstances, sometimes common sense and courtesy are better than hyper-scrupulosity and misplaced piety.

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