Is completing penance required for the sin to be fully forgiven?

When going to confession, I’m aware that the sins are forgiven after absolution. However, if one does not complete their penance, does that mean the sins aren’t fully forgiven? Would that be considered a Mortal sin in and of itself, therefore putting one back in a state of sin?

Thanks in advance.

An unfulfilled penance does not invalidate confession. Penance is an attempt by the penitent to make amends for the effects of his sin. To purposely reject doing one’s assigned penance would call into doubt the sincerity of the confession, and *that *would call into question the validity of the confession. But if the unfilled penance is due to forgetfulness or is accidental then there is no reason to question the validity of the confession. If upon reflection the penitent feels the penance he received is too cumbersome or impossible for him to fulfill, he may ask the same confessor or another confessor to change the penance.

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