Is Confession required for missing Mass last Sunday?

Our Family went Camping last weekend with another Catholic family that turned out to be further into the wilderness than we expected. We had hoped to find a local church and attend Sunday Mass. When we brought the subject up with our friends they showed no interest. We felt a little un-easy since they provided the transportation into the woods. We were four miles from the entrance of the camp. We located the address for a local church that offered a Sunday 6:00 evening Mass and again suggested the idea, they however still showed no interest. We dropped the subject and my wife and myself ended up saying a Rosary that night. So the question is are we in a state of mortal sin that requires confession prior to receiving communion again? We wanted to go to morning Mass tomorrow to make up for Sunday however I’m wondering about receiving communion.


It sounds like you were more concerned with pleasing your friends than pleasing God. What if you knew you were going to die the following week. Would you have made the same choices?
I doubt it. Besides missing Mass, you also missed a great opportunity to witness to yout faith. I would say that Confession is in order. Sunday Mass is not a minor thing.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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