Is Confession twice a year ok?


My church has Confession one day a week for a half hour. It happens that it is at a time while I am at work. I am unable to leave work or miss that day because I simply can’t afford to. Is it ok that I confess during my nightly prayers. I do try to go to confession at least twice a year. My father says that it doesn’t count and that I should go every week before I take Communion.



Dear Chrissy,

I’m glad you asked this question because many people these days think that going to a penance service twice a year is often enough. We all need to go to Confession a lot more often than that. I would suggest at least once a month.

If you can’t make it for the sheduled times, make an appointment with the priest—or check out the other parishes for confessions. Most have websites. We all need the graces we receive from the sacrament because we are all sinners. Far too many people receive Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin–which is itself a mortal sin. He paid such a price for our sins. The least we can do is take advantage of His invitation to forgive us.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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