Is consciousness behind thoughts the soul?

I know it’s probably not an easy question to answer. Wondering if science had some way of explaining the soul. Also is Spirit different than the soul?

I don’t think “consciousness” or the “soul” can ever be explained, at least not fully, by science. It’s kind of like trying to point at the finger that’s pointing… with the same finger. In principle it can’t be done. “We” cannot look at “ourselves” because the true “us” is not what we see in the mirror. It isn’t a spacial entity, and science is empirical: it deals mainly or exclusively with what we can observe and parse. But who has ever observed consciousness? And who has seen God? If these things are spiritual in nature, then how can you pin it down as having this or that form?

So science has a definite limit here. This is not to say science can’t say or theorize about how consciousness is mediated through the brain. Perhaps that’s an avenue where we can learn some new things. But not consciousness per se, I would say.

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There is evidence of consciousness without brain activity. Such as near death experiences. AWARE is the name of such a study.

I recommend you to read the following books:

“The Soul” by J. P. Moreland
“The Immortal in You” by Michael Augros

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