Is contacting clients by phone on Sunday night a sin?

I am an insurance agent for a Catholic organization and most of my appointments are in the evenings. This leaves only the weekends for contacting clients to set future appointments. I find that the best time to contact my clients is on Sunday eves after 6pm because they are usually home. Am I commiting a sin by making phone calls at this time? Am I guilty of not honoring the Sabbath?

Thank you.


The Sabbath, incidentally, is still Saturday. But we Christians are obliged to keep Sunday holy because for us it is the Lord’s day. This means attending Mass and honoring the Lord by refraining from all unnecessary manual labor. The day should be different than all the other days of the week by the way we comport ourselves during it.

Making some phone calls at the end of the day is not manual labor and does not take away the special honor we have given the Lord during the daytime. Many a religious sister has prepared classes for the next day on Sunday night.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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