Is cosuming corn beef on St.Patricks day on Friday during Lent acceptable?

Our fish fry on Friday’s during LENT will be serving corn beef Friday on St. Patrick’s day instead of fasting meat that Friday. What say you?

I’m pretty sure that a lot of Irish people got a dispensation to do that. In addition, St. Patrick’s Day is a feast day according to the church, so fasting on such an important day as that is not good for anybody.

Thanks Daniel:) for that clarification. For those who are not Irish, or do not eat corn beef. Is pork, chicken acceptable on St. Patrick’s Day ( Friday during Lent)?

If your bishop gives a dispensation, then any meat is acceptable.

I don’t eat meat anyway but the bishop of my diocese gave a dispensation so you can eat meat on st. Patrick’s day since it falls on a Friday the same with the diocese across the river from me.

Where it is observed as a holy day of obligation (solemnity) fast and abstinence are not required. March 17 falls in Ireland on Good Friday then …

In the USA,Omaha Archbishop George J. Lucas has transferred the Good Friday meat abstinence for those who eat meat on St. Patrick’s Day to the next day, March 18. Other bishops have given dispensations.

My guess is that a dispensation, such as the present one, applies for each local diocese only and does not apply for the whole Universal Church?

Call your Chancery to find out. It is likely online as well.

Yes, that is the case. I imagine that the Pope could give a dispensation though.

The diocese of Birmingham (AL) is dispensed :smiley:

(provided one of several alternative specified alternative penitential acts are performed)


It is impossible for GOOD FRIDAY to occur on March 17th, because of how the date is calculated. The earliest Easter can occur is March 22 and thus the earliest Good Friday can occur is March 20…but no one here will be alive to see such an event come around that early.

Sorry I have been thinking about Good Friday today and got mixed up. Omaha Archbishop George J. Lucas has allowed observance on Saturday rather than Friday for those what want to.

I believe there is a dispensation in our diocese, but we are planning on having our celebration today and tomorrow. First one, the parade was today. Secondly, we both have to work on Friday and my husband works late. Therefore, we are celebrating early. I love St. Patrick and all, but I don’t know that his feast day constitutes a week long observance!


St Patrick’s day is big in Australia also, both in the church and society, because of our Irish community. I’ve never heard of the feast being elevated to a solemnity however, or any formal abrogation of Lenten discipline if it falls on a Friday.

General society are more likely than Catholics to turn it into a three day feast!

Dispensation in the Diocese of Arlington (VA)!

“Bishop Burbidge has granted to the faithful of the Diocese of Arlington, as well as to any visitors or travelers who may be physically present within the territory of this diocese, a dispensation from the obligation of abstinence from meat on March 17, 2017.”


Call your archdiocesan office. The dispensation really depends on the area. In Portland, OR, the archbishop has not given a general dispensation but is allowing pastors to grant the dispensation in individual cases.

Our priest said that our bishop said that on St. Patrick’s Day we have permission to have meat and up to two beers.

It is not universally a full feast. For most of the Church, it is a memorial. The memorial of a saint, while joyful, does not supersede the penitential character of a Friday, particularly a Friday in Lent. Memorials fall on Fridays all the time, and those Fridays remain days of penance. Only a solemnity, the highest rank of feast, supersedes the obligation to do penance on Friday. In some select places, where St. Patrick is the patron saint, this feast is celebrated as a solemnity. In some select Dioceses, even if the feast of St. Patrick is not a solemnity, the local bishop has dispensed the requirement to abstain from meat. In some dioceses, such as here in Canada, meat abstinence on Fridays, including the Fridays of Lent, can always be substituted with some other act of piety.
So ultimately whether one can eat meat on St. Patrick’s Day depends on the diocese in which one resides.

I’m not aware if my diocese has a dispensation or not, to be honest. But IMO, I’ll just eat corned beef on Thursday or Saturday. My birthday was once on Good Friday and I still managed to observe fasting and abstinence. I think I can manage this inconvenience. :wink:

What Diocese are you in? Except for Good Friday, every other Friday in Lent , at least 2 I know of, meat is only one option for penance.

Maybe its more appropriate to abstain from spuds on St Patricks day :innocent::four_leaf_clover::sweet_potato:

And green beer :snake:

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