Is creatine morally OK?

There are two things that I am more concerned with than the creatine usage:

  1. Is the OP developing an attitude that the supplement will “magically” make him a better athlete by itself? Ignoring proper nutrition, rest, practice, work ethic, self discipline. The creatine will just be a waste of money if the other elements are not there.

  2. The wording of the post looks like he leans towards being pretty scrupulous. Creatine is widely available over the counter. Lots of athletes use it. Considering using it should not cause too much stress.

Well, I think one can have reservations without moving toward scrupulosity. Rather than questioning the morality of it, one might question as to whether or not it’s fair play. Is it sportsmanship or gamesmanship?

I wouldn’t do it because I wouldn’t want to spend the money on it. But otherwise, it’s not a problem for me.

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