Is Cristiano Ronaldo the new Beckham?

I think he’s already beating him in popularity worldwide but not yet in the U.S. He’s getting their though.

I hope not. For some reason I just don’t like him. Beckham is a bit over rated, but I like what he’s done for different charities. Ronaldo is way over rated in my opinion.

The Beckhams agents should introduce him to one word… Over-exposure. (ok its sort of two words). Especially. When one half of the duo has no talent.

For pure footballing ability it is hard to beat the skill of Arshavin who plays for the mighty Arsenal.

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From one Gooner to another, I’d say Robin Van Persie, when healthy, gives him a run for his money.

Speaking of the Dutch, just learned today that RVP’s Oranje teammate Wesley Sneijder just recently got baptised and is planning to marry his Catholic girlfriend some time after the World Cup.

Are there any ways to statistically analyze whether a soccer player is “good” or not? In baseball, there is a disciple called sabermetrics that attempts to objectively use statistics beyond the standard metrics to rigorously analyze a baseball player’s effectiveness. Perhaps the innings format makes baseball more amendable to such analysis than soccer and reduces the need for subjective judgments.

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