Is cthulhu satanic?

Cthulhu is a fictional monster given to us by H.P. Lovecraft in one of his short stories. He represents the callous, chaotic nature of the universe. The monster is worshiped by cultists in those stories he appears in.

If tarot cards and ouija boards are satanic, then wouldn’t merchandise like a ceramic mug in the shape of cthulhu also be satanic? Or does its status as a fantasy/fictional monster render it innocuous?

Cthulu is a work of fiction. He is totally made up, part of a story book.

He is no more “satanic” than King Kong, Godzilla, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, all of whom are similar fictional deities made up for purposes of entertainment.

If you are buying a Cthulu figurine or mug because you plan to bow down to it and say prayers, then you have a problem and would be committing a sin. If you are buying it because you’re a Lovecraft fan or think it’s a fun knick knack for your home, don’t worry about it.


I saw Mandy in 2018 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and they were selling a coffee mug molded in the shape of cthulu in the lobby. I thought it was soooo cool. Now I drink coffee out of it, but I still wanted to ask.

Now Mandy… that movie might be satanic… thoughts?

I have never seen “Mandy”, so I have no idea.

edited to add, I see it stars Nicholas Cage so it’s more likely a sin against good taste. :grin:


Nothing you mentioned in your OP is satanic.

Now I want a Cthulhu mug. Drinking water would be so much cooler.


There are certain types of objects or artwork that invoke negative spiritual archetypes or naturally attract certain types of negative energies, which are not recommended to have around your house (e.g. inverted pentagrams, cursed objects, etc.).

An artist or an author could conceivably embed such influences into their work (even unconsciously) in order to enact a negative spiritual influence on those who experience it. (Many types of music, or even advertising, work subconsciously this way.)

So just because it’s a work of fiction, that doesn’t necessarily give it a pass, but as far as I can tell, most of the mugs I see on the Internet when I google “Cthulhu mug” seem relatively innocuous. Some of them are even kind of cute. So I wouldn’t be too concerned about this.

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It’s not that easy. A fascination with trinkets that are clearly expressions of evil is problematic and dangerous, even if you don’t bow down to it.

@Searching1 No, not innocuous. You need to ask yourself carefully why you would want to have a trinket in your home while you clearly do understand that it depicts something evil.

Sure, Cthulhu only appears in a work of fiction, but it was Lovecraft’s real understanding of real evil that allowed him to create such a character in the first place. And I’m not saying Lovecraft was wrong to create Cthulhu – he wasn’t. We need to be able to recognize evil, and therefore we need evil to be present in our stories. But that’s not the same as putting a trinket of Cthulhu in your home. So, read Lovecraft. Don’t buy the Cthulhu figure.


Yeah. Get a Santa mug instead.

You make some very good points, but I think it depends on the specific mug, don’t you think?

I mean, at least as I see it, the main thing to worry about is the imprint the mug leaves on the psychology of the person interacting with it (potentially subconsciously).

For instance, this seems like it’s probably fine:

Also seems relatively harmless:

Maybe not this one:

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OP here – It was this one

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With all due respect, I completely disagree with fostering such suspicion over a fictional character. It’s superstitious, unnecessary, and gives a wrong impression of Catholicism.



Funniest post yet!

Cthulhu is about as satanic as Darth Vader.


Satanism doesn’t even make much sense in Lovecraft’s universe which is devoid of such concepts. People living in his milieu may believe in Christianity but Lovecraft makes it plain that any such religious concepts are only the illusions of humanity. Cthulhu and co. aren’t even so much evil, more they regard humanity as irrelevant ultimately, another transient species in the universe.


Ha! I just logged back in because I was going to say that! I also have a Darth Vader figurine and it made me think that, despite the fact he is a murderous jerk, no one would say he is satanic (except maybe fundamentalists).

Well, fundamentalists think the office of the Pope is satanic.

So :woman_shrugging:


I’m ashamed to say that I watched it and I was hoping that it was a sort of a John Carpenter like film… It’s a violent pornographic mess.

The trailers made it look really cool and sureal but overall it was just a terrible film.

there are those like Kevin Costner that ruin what would otherwise could have been good movies.

And then there are those like Nicholas Cage that have a knack for ending up in wretched movies . . . again, and again, and again . . .

Note that Cthulu semi-regularly appears int he User Friendly comic . . .

hmm, and now I seem to remember, and I think it was pre-/proto- internet, the farcical “Campus crusade Cthulu”. . . .


All demons are, essentially, fictional. Because no demon except for Satan/Lucifer is mentioned in Sacred Scripture, it is up to mankind to fashion stories about demons or evil pagan gods, and fashion them we have. There is a reason they are called “false gods”, because they are not divine, and have no power over those who reject them.

Lovecraft endeavored to create a Mythos every bit as intricate as J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth legendarium, except Lovecraft was a tortured soul who had a twisted and perverse view of the world. It is certain that he was perceptive about what could cause visceral terror in human beings, and he leveraged this terror in his writings.

The cult is pretty much a “parody religion” today, with pretty good marketing to dress up an unspeakably evil demon as a cute green elephant with wings that Catholics consider purchasing. Why don’t you think about patronizing a Catholic business instead? Your hard-earned money could purchase a mug depicting the Protector of Families and not the destroyer of souls.

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