Is cursing a mortal sin?

I am not a huge potty mouth, but every once in awhile I’ll let the S-word, or in RARE instances, the F-word slip. Is cursing a mortal sin?:shrug:

No it isn’t a mortal sin. It isn’t even necessarily a venial sin, unless you are doing it cruelly or scandalizing someone.

We are supposed to avoid bad language, but I think it would only be grave matter if it involved scandal or blasphemy.(Such as taking the lords name in vain)

No, not a sin, just poor manners, a sign of limited vocabulary and a certain social position.I think you are doing well,given our incessant usage across our media especially film.No sin here… move on.

No, swearing is a venial sin, if it’s something like taking the Lord’s name in vain or blasphemy then it’s mortal sin.

Taking the name of the Lord in vain (that is, to idly use a sacred reference in an unsacred context, such as in the way people say “Oh my God” without actually authentically speaking of God) is venial. Most, if not all, instances of taking the name of the Lord vainly is when we take authentic uses of the expression and then use it in an unauthentic manner. This would be the moral equivalent to not genuflecting to the Tabernacle out of sloppy absent-mindedness (as opposed to intentional defiance).

Blaspheming God, where a person deliberately profanes Him or his sacred vessels, such as what the king did in the book of Daniel towards the sacred relics taken during the Babylonian captivity, is mortal sin.

Vulgar speech, such as the F-bomb, is venial sin, because we are promulgating a culture of callousness and irreverence. Of course, it is possible to commit mortal sin through our tongues, but this isn’t something that rides upon an individual magical word. If we severely insult, slander, and/or cause scandal to a person, a well-developed conscious will compel the person to seek Reconciliation. The enormous majority of vulgar speech, like with using God’s name vainly, is done out of habitual sloppiness rather than with intentional malevolence. Both are wrong, but the later is much more serious.

Using sacred references vainly, lewd joking, and vulgar speech all stem from one in the same thing: irreverence.

Blasphemy and severe scandalizing, insulting, and slandering our neighbors (that which we do to them, we also do to God) is murder.

How is taking the lords name in vain not grave matter? It warrants it’s own commandment for crying out loud.

because most people do it without intention and or knowledge.

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