Is Darwin's Theory of Evolution True? Part Three


The theory of evolution: how do you explain dog breeds?
Why accomodate Darwin?

What? This took longer than 0.5 seconds…

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Please, all of you… just stop!
It’s obvious you all are creating more disunion than unity…


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That’s like saying watching a demolition derby with new Ferraris is entertaining… yes, but horrifyingly so


Really? Entertaining?


I could of made a Trump post instead.


Watch how fast it fills up.


Well, you can always stop watching…


I mean it’s not like anyone is forced to read this.


NO! No! Anything but that. By anything, I mean within Catholic acceptable limits.


Exactly, the old forum would send you a message asking why you haven’t posted in a while, and I now I get criticized for getting tons of post .


Carrying on from the last thread . . .

I can only assume what you believe. Let me just reiterate that the standard theory of evolution is not consistent with God creating life on earth, much less the Catholic truth that we began with one man who committed the original sin. You say you don’t need to know the specifics of how creation might fit with evolution, but your being here voicing an opinion indicates that it is important to you. You may not need to, but doing so, immersing yourself in the teachings of the Church, will bring you closer to God.


Sure is:



Lol :rofl:…



So what do you have to say about the science supporting evolution? Is here any evidence to support anything else?


Ever heard of … punctuated equilibrium ?


Amazing storytelling.


No, I haven’t. Explain it to me. Maybe I’ll learn something.


Do You know what a so-called Transitional fossil is ?

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