Is Darwin's Theory of Evolution True? Part Three


That’s not fully correct. Beagles and irish setters are known to have difficulty in producing viable offspring. This would be the result of incompatable genetic abnormalities. This might be a factor in infertile mating between what we consider to be different species. This is in contrast with coyotes and wolves which are known to produce pups although considered separate species. They rarely mate when nonstressed in natural conditions, but may bear more similarities with one another than domesticated dogs do with their African wild dog cousins(?).

This may be of interest:


Yeah…3 or 4 billion years have passed and nobody can see anything changing right now. But they know for sure that lots of things changed millions of year ago.


Not true. Things were changing at the same rate millions of years ago as they are now - slowly.


Will you commit to the definition of species as organisms that cannot interbreed? If so, I have an example of contemporary observed macro evolution for you.


If that was the case then we should at least see hundreds of animals in transition to becoming a new species …where are they ?


Everywhere. But you can’t see the change unless you wait long enough for the change to be large enough to see. How much time do you have?


I been waiting 3 or 4 billions years, when I was just a little chemical … when does the clock start ?


So, if one could travel back in time, one could not see the evolution of the Whale ?


They can no longer breed because of LOSS OF FUNCTION.


You don’t even know what organisms I am talking about. How can you possibly know why they cannot interbreed? In fact I was proposing a definition of species. But I suspect that no definition of species will be acceptable to ID proponents because they want to keep the definition fuzzy so that their arguments are shielded from attack.

I was under the impression that you folks accept micro evolution and call it adaptation, but say that macro evolution, that is the development of a new species, is impossible. If I can get you to agree on the definition of “species” I can show you a contemporary example of macro evolution that has been observed as it happens.


Are we fighting about how whales evolved?

Homologous structures - hips and limb bones - as well as DNA sequencing show that whales are a type of ungulate, order Artiodactyla. Other Artiodactylae are camels, cattle, pigs, llamas, bison, sheep, goats, and hippos. All these animals are clearly related in a special way.

Fossil evidence also has shown several proto-whale species that are clearly whales, but still with their hind legs attached to hip bones nearly identical to the hip bones whales have now. These proto-whales would have swam with their hips and hindquarters, not their limbs. The fossils show the structures that were used.


Yep, fossil records tell us quite a lot. Check this meme out I just saw, Jesus would never say this but whatever, light humour.


How many morphological changes are required? How many years for each one to fix? What about the failures?


If you understood how flood sediments are layered you wouldn’t have posted this.

One day soon, go to beach and play in the sand at the water edge. Dig a small hole and watch.


The fossil record shows abrupt appearance, stasis and variation within.


Yes, and I believe an updated definition is being created now. It will be much more complex than just phenotypes.


It is pretty clear right now this is a big lift.


No. It is much to limited and man made. As we now know speciation is the loss of an ability once had.


Read my post again. I did not refer to phenotypes. I referred to a new organism that is genetically different enough from others descended from the same line that they cannot interbreed with those others. Would you agree that is macro evolution? If not, then please propose a reasonable definition of macro evolution that one could reasonably attempt to satisfy.


Depends, but all over the world it looks more or less like this

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