Is Darwin's Theory of Evolution True? Part Three


do you have an article on finding that fossil or something with the whale with hindlegs? Thanks


For the latter, don’t use the main article (though there’s enough bored Ph.Ds who probably comb wikipedia for errors) but you can follow the links to the references.


Benedict being a reliable source of what? The theory of evolution? How not to be pope? What?


Nothing changing?

u sure?


The Pope was wrong. We can have 10,000 generations and more in the laboratory. See Celebrating 50,000 Generations. That is a lot more than 10,000 generations.

Popes are obviously well informed on theology. They may not always be so well informed on science.



By its nature, macro evolution is rarer than micro-evolution. However, there are some examples, see Marbled Crayfish:

Before about 25 years ago, the species simply did not exist. A single drastic mutation in a single crayfish produced the marbled crayfish in an instant.



If that doesn’t shout, “There is a God!”, the theory of evolution has totally messed up one’s mind. Seriously, all this creation, including we ourselves to witness and sing of our Creators glories!


In 2003, scientists confirmed that the marbled crayfish were indeed making clones of themselves.

Oh no!

We aren’t just seeing the evolution of taxonomy.

These crustaceans have evolved to the point that they have started making labs to clone themselves, no doubt to take over the world.

And, I always thought it would be the lab rats.

I’d better get down to the fish market and warn them. They have to shred their records. How many lobster dinners has it been!

ON second thought, after perusing the daily news, we might be better off with the cray fish.

a . . . d . . . a . . . p . . . t . . . a . . . t . . . i . . . o . . . n

in all cases that have been presented.

And, this one is a freak of nature, a throw-back to an asexual world. But, it does speak to the importance of sexuality as a defence against genetic mutation, which is bad, not good. (edited: to add a reasoned argument to the meme, and keep people happy)


This thread has for a long since abandoned reasoned argument in favor of a war of memes.


Proof of evolutionary processes? Or a way to dramatically get a point across.
See our Lord being ridiculed above in the image with the dinosaur.
It demonstrates the attitude one has about the people on the other side of the argument.
Reasoning makes for a long difficult read and tends to be ignored, misunderstood in the modern version of the Tower of Babel that is the internet.
That said, some things are funny.


The meme ratio has been very much in favor of your side.


One sometimes has to shock people out of their slumber.


As far as I can see … pigs are still producing only pigs …chicken still only producing chickens etc. Do you see something new coming down the evolutionary pike ?


Great Danes and teacup chihuahuas don’t seem to be naturally breeding too much.


You missed his point. These 50,000 generations are only what, 40 years old total. He is right - we cannot haul 10,000 generations into a lab.

And what do we know about these 50,000 generations? They are still bacteria.


Memes do nothing to advance a reasoned argument. They just prevent it.


There are a lot of things we cannot transport into the lab, yet we can still make reasonable scientific theories about them. Getting them to fit inside a laboratory is surely an unnecessary precondition for study.


Oh dear… I show you 50,000 generations in a lab and you come back with this! Really, do you have such a low opinion of your readers? A ‘generation’ is not a fixed time, it can vary a lot. Bacterial generations can be less than one hour for some species.

And another face-plant. Do you have any idea what range “bacteria” covers? It is about the same as “eukaryote”. Humans evolved from amoeba, but they are still eukaryotes. Do you really want to go down that route? All multicellular organisms: plants, animals and fungi are eukaryotes as well as a many single-celled organisms such as amoeba.

All you are doing here is confirming that you do not know enough biology to provide any effective criticism of it. You should learn more biology if you want to be able to criticise it effectively.



They were not hauled into the lab.


Humans did not evolve from anything. We were created.

I know you are having difficulty of where the science is going. Follow the evidence where it leads.

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