Is Darwin's Theory of Evolution True? Part Three


You seem to have conveniently forgotten the astronauts who have evolved space gills. And speaking of space, did you know that chimps have evolved to the point where they actually beat humans into space?!


You asked me this just a few days ago. I gave you an answer.


As Mel Gibson once said, “Who knows what they (the post-Vat II Church) believes these days … I didn’ t leave the Church, the Church left me”. Food for thought.


Forgive my ignorance, but, in that case, if Americans descended from Europeans, how come Europeans still exist?

Alternatively, the Mayflower was big enough to hold the entire population of Europe at the time.



If giraffes evolved from Okapi… why are there still Okapi left ?


Yeah… this stuff is confusing … did life start in the water and crawl out to land or visa versa ?


They didn’t. Both giraffes and okapi evolved from some common ancestor. Your understanding of evolution is faulty here.



Why did the common ancestor die out ?


“Highly qualified” in your opinion? And who totally reject evolution? If so, I challenge you to name one.

It does not advance reasoned debate when you resort to sarcasm.

If you only accept the authority of the Bible when it agrees with you then you do not accept any authority at all - Church or Bible.

Maybe it does. But can you point out where? And where does it say the faithful can believe in a literal “six days” interpretation of Genesis?

Just read it. And what gave you the idea that the Catechism requires evolution?

That’s easy. It is because the “major groups” were invented to match the available fossils.

New species (able to breed only among themselves) have arisen in the last 100 years.


This question has been answered before. Why do you continue to ask it?


So you don’t believe in the authority of the Church or the Bible, but you do believe in the authority of Mel Gibson?


It must have been so vague that I didn’t remember it .


Why didn’t God answer that question in the Bible?



Because he thought it would fun to stump people like you. :sunglasses:

But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise;
1 Corinthians 1:27


That is grounded on the assumption that they are 1. atheist 2. pseudo-scientific 3. a cult. The first has no real bearing, the second is probably the most important, and the third is like the first.

Do you have facts that support 1,2 or 3?

Just because a scientist doesn’t interpret data as evidence of design, doesn’t mean there isn’t evidence of design. What is your evidence of design that you want recognized? Can you prove inanimate matter can’t produce life?


You have used the word microbe-man over 35 times in this thread,

I said:

Microbe-man sounds like a cartoon character

You said:

Well said - it is a fantasy and it is comical.

Evolution (supposedly) started with the simplest creature - a microbe - and has (supposedly) led to the most complex creature - man. Hence the term, “microbe-man evolution”.

But I didn’t ask you where you got it from. Did you make it up or get it from somewhere? i.e. are you the only one who uses this pejorative?


Mel Gibson and Glark are kindred spirits, especially on the topic of Vatican II I assume.


Other way around, Mel left the Church is excommunicated, he’s not even Catholic. He poured $37,000,000 into a heretical sect in California.

You are following in his footsteps, with one foot out the door. Don’t go that way, it only leads to hell.


They say a little ignorance is a dangerous thing for precisely this reason. You’re making comments that demonstrate that you don’t respond understand how evolution works, and why every biological discipline agrees that it is the foundstional theory in their discipline. When your understanding of the theory is only on the shallowest of terms it’s very easy to not see how the pieces fit together.


What about the garden of Eden. Are you suggesting that place exists here and now on the planet earth?

If there was ever a place it was not on the planet Earth.

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