Is Darwin's Theory Of Evolution True?


No, considering the context and other verses, I think that is an unreasonable and even absurd interpretation. No one would have ever considered such nonsense unless pressured from the scientific community to squeeze evolution in the Bible - at the cost of sound theology.


Are you suggesting human with souls breed with humans without souls? If so, that is not only a ludicrous idea, it implies bestiality.


Are you denying bestiality ever happened?

Also, do you consider Neanderthals as having souls?


Which context are you referring to? What is unreasonable about it? Clay has a number of translations in the Hebrew.

Pressured? You mean to say I am pressured by the scientific community, now that is what I would call absurd.

I can hardly be the first to simply ask the question, which is all I was doing.


Darwinist have a penchant for taking extremely complex processes and “dumbing them down” in order to make evolution seem more plausible. It’s delusion masquerading as science.


You know the scientific has among its members Saints, priests, and millions of faithful Catholics who search for the truth in God’s creation. Such disregard for science is unCatholic and frankly quite ignorant.

Do you mind if I ask where you went to school?


How do they know to build honeycomb cells in hexagonal shapes? They must have engineering degrees.


Animals can give birth to a human? Wow. How does that fit into the theory of evolution? And I wonder why God chose “the last Adam” to be born of Mary, when he just have easily used a chimp.


I’m so glad we can eat cauliflowers.


Er, no. I’ve never seen a Tooth Fairy either. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, of course.


If you told the early Church Fathers that one day some Catholics would believe such appalling nonsense, they’d declare you insane.


Where do you think horses came from, Techno? Humans bred them from cows over thousands of years. And chimps evolved so fast in the 20th century that they beat humans into space!


Speak for yourself; my parents were human.


Random Mutations can do it all !!!


I like to call it atheist theology or atheology (despite the oxymoron). A lot of atheists study evolution like some Christians study the Bible.


A typical dodge. Whether atheists or religious, who does science doesn’t matter. However, after years of posting here, evolution has only one value - propaganda, or psychological warfare. This is only about creating arguments and stories designed to confuse the work of God and to put this theory wholly into the materialist realm.


How about the sleep part?

21 Then, Yahweh God made the man fall into a deep sleep. And, while he was asleep, he took one of his ribs and closed the flesh up again forthwith.

22 Yahweh God fashioned the rib he had taken from the man into a woman, and brought her to the man.


Anything. 100% anything. Like building a watch while blind and having no idea where the parts go. I wouldn’t write fiction that was infinitely flexible.


I predict that when she finally comes to her senses, Holy Mother Church will infallibly declare that Adam’s body was created from inanimate matter in an instant - just as Genesis 2:7 says it did. Then it will be goodbye evolution and good riddance.


In my opinion, when it comes to the origins of man and Genesis, the CCC has been corrupted by Scientism. In this respect, it is not a reliable source of sound Catholic teaching. Its bias towards the evolutionary paradigm is painfully obvious.

For example, as far as I know, nowhere in the entire CCC does it say that Catholics are free to believe in a literal interpretation of Genesis - on the contrary, there is an obvious and untraditional emphasis on a figurative or symbolic interpretation. The reason for this is clear - it facilitates the acceptance of evolution.

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