Is Darwin's Theory Of Evolution True?


Yep, our eyes are so badly designed and work so poorly that we may as well not have them at all.


God Almighty created the entire universe out of NOTHING and you have trouble believing God created Adam from dirt? That does not compute.

btw, “Adam” is Hebrew for “ground”, not “humanoid”.


So we are led to believe you are more of an authority than the Catechism of the Catholic Church? You know better than the Catholic Church.

Who died (or resigned) and made you Pope?


Who said I have trouble believing that, I believe it was dirt, but came to be something else in between, before transforming into Adam.


Speculation, you don’t know the future. What do you have against evolution, seriously?


Really? So life is not a miracle?


Oh, apart from the fact that it’s a Satanic hoax and is impossible to reconcile with Scripture, not much. Although I’m not that fond of junk science, either.


As a Catholic I am duty-bound to oppose the works of the devil.


Such an obvious error won’t stand the test of time. The Holy Spirit will be correct it eventually.


The Church teaches that the faithful can believe in a literal “six days” interpretation of Genesis, thereby completely rejecting evolution. I would call that being allowed to be “dogmatic against evolution.”


The Catechism is misleading. It stresses a figurative interpretation and fails to mention that a literal interpretation is okay too.


This is how it works: If Adam and Eve were figurative (as the evolutionists would have us believe), then Original Sin might have been figurative too. This undermines the need for a Saviour. Knock out the foundations of a doctrine and it will all come tumbling down.


In other words, anything in the Bible can be interpreted figuratively to suit the evolution paradigm. The Church teaches that Eve was created immediately from Adam’s rib.


That means nothing. Ever heard of the Arian heresy? About 90% of bishops didn’t believe Jesus was God. Don’t blame me if most bishops today have fallen victim to a Satanic hoax. Follow the brainwashed herd it you like; I won’t.

The Church comes up with a similar time span since the creation of Adam. In fact, if memory serves, according to a post on the previous thread, the time span from Adam to Christ is mentioned as part of a Christmas prayer.


Would the Catechism and it’s error of fitting an evolutionist perspective be the work of the devil then?


Where exactly is the word “immediately” anywhere in that teaching?


Some may very well call Adam and Eve were figurative, but that is not my position.


Which document supports a 24 hour day for those six days?


Literal means just as the author intended, but the more important question is what did the author intend?


How is it obvious that it is an error, you haven’t demonstrated that evolution is incompatible with the faith. Not even the Church teaches that.

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