Is Darwin's Theory Of Evolution True?


I don’t know enough about them to say. Whatever scientists say about these beings could be nonsense.


All part of God’s simple food chain.


What is your logic behind that, I seriously don’t follow how you came to that conclusion.

It is not impossible to reconcile otherwise the Church would have said so.

How is it junk science? Do you have quality science to explain the facts better?


It could be nonsense and could be good sense.


Actually, I was referring to certain Church leaders who feel pressured by the scientific community - including the Pontifical Academy of Science - to accept evolution or at the very least, make room for it (somehow) in Scripture.


I wouldn’t mind randomly mutating into an engineer. It would be a lot easier than four years of university. Do you think bees will ever build a space ship?


It’s funny you should mention that - Darwin’s books were the very first science-fiction novels. The trouble is, a lot of folks took them seriously - and still do!


It’s entirely possible.

“From some fissure the smoke of Satan has entered into the Temple of God.” - Pope Paul VI, 1972.


God took one of Adam rib’s and created Eve. How long do you think it took God to make a woman out of rib? I imagine it was instantaneous.


Good, but If a Cardinal can get away with it, then you can too - should you feel inclined.


I don’t know, but the vast majority of Church Fathers believed in a literal “24-hour day” interpretation.


By “guided” I mean God creates what he wants to create, regardless of the process, and he doesn’t leave creation to a sub-contractor.


I’d be a fool to rely on an atheist cult (aka the scientific community) to inform me about the origins of life and man.


No they do not. Bees build cells close together and try to build the cells outwards. That outward pressure in each individual cell results in the hexagonal pattern.



You would be mistaken. The Church allows you to believe that. She does not insist on it. That would be dogma.


God created a physical being (which eventually became the universe we know today) that develops on its own. This means that there is such a thing as secondary-causality. Perhaps you think God directly creates every single star, planet, and comet in the sky and doesn’t leave their development to natural processes. I disagree and neither does the catholic faith require me to believe in your version of creation… You have no dogmatic authority.


It shouldn’t be that hard to build little mini ones that they could fit in.


God created the initial “light” of which everything is made. He gave it the properties of atoms that allow for different configurations and properties of molecules. He used those molecules to bring into existence, new creations such as plants and animals. These are not merely collections of atoms, but individual beings in themselves with their particular structure and behaviour. He created mankind using that information. We each are one being, united in love. We perceive, think, feel and act as a unity in which a relational spirit is informed by matter to become a person. I don’t know how else to put it. No one here knows how God does this. The Church doesn’t. Not even Glark with all his “righteous” bluster, knows. This is a miracle now, maintained, which means brought into existence, by God who knows and creates all time, beginning to end, from eternity.

While i believe evolution, in the vaguest of terms, has some merit, as it is taught, as it is proclaimed by atheists, Darwinists and NeoDarwinist, as every one here was taught in school and in universities, it is wrong. It is bad science in its construction of an unprovable story that stretches beyond what science, as we do it today, can tell us about ourselves and the world. People should stick to the facts, and not call their musings, facts.


How does going to the galapagos islands and recording exactly what he witnessed and developing an explanation for the differences in species amount to fiction?


Because it doesn’t agree with your position doesn’t make it wrong. Unless you are infallible, which I very highly doubt.

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