Is dating or frequient emailing with someone without an annulment appropriate?

I have a “friend” who is divorced but has not gotten his Annulment yet.

He thinks I am being tooooo “stringent” to the rules of the Catholic Church. Why? Because he believes we can have “phone conversations” as friends, but, I know his intention is to discern and find out if I am a potential “Soul Mate” in his future, so I disagree with him.

Since he does not have his Annulment yet - and still married in the “eye’s of the church” I told him I think it is wrong we “chat” or “meet” until he has the blessing of the church.

Am I wrong? He states…I am creating my “own rules” not God’s rules?

I told him ------he and I will chat forever and meet and enjoy each others company----- when he gets his Annulment. Until then…we can be “pen pals”…friends via texting only. Or is this wrong too----- since he is “still married in God’s eye’s”???~~~
Please advise.
Thank you!


You are correct. He is in denial. A man who is this dishonest with himself, is not worth your time.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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