Is David Bowie a Crowleyita?

:slight_smile: A lot of e-pages of the Ordo Templi Orientis, Golden Down, describes its gnostic influences in Bowie’s iconography.

The list of similar cases is inmense, Styx, Yes, Mick Jagger, Sisters of Mercy…

Osculum Obsenum for all

You forget Zeppelin. :smiley:

What’s a Crowleyita?

In an article about Aleister Crowley, I found this:

David Bowie, whose song “Quicksand”, featured on his album Hunky Dory, makes the reference “I’m closer to the Golden Dawn, immersed in Crowley’s uniform of imagery…”

a follower of Aleister Crowley

I don’t think the Sisters of Mercy were anything to do with Crowley, maybe just as curious kids with a distinct taste for cheap Leeds amphetamine. Plus, one of their EP run-off grooves said “Jesus Loves the Sisters” :slight_smile:

Why don’t you ask him?:smiley:
If you’re basing your question on one line in one song written over 35 years ago, I suspect the answer is no. His songs are full of obscure references, possibly explained by his technique of cutting out random words from newspapers and putting them together in any old way.
I’ve been a fan of DB since 1972, but I wouldn’t take any of his lyrics too seriously.

Mr. Bowie and his handlers are real interested in selling CD’s and increasing the enterprise which is his career. Hints at satanism is one of the ways they peek interest in it.

Bowie is no more a satanist than Puff Daddy is street thug or Madonna is a harlot. Its an act.

It’s getting harder to distinguish what’s an act and what’s real these days, though. Consider that quite a number of heavy metal acts back then used Satanist-inspired lyrics and imagery; one has to wonder if they were all an act or were true. Regardless, though; many kids wouldn’t probably know the difference, much less adults, and would be taken into it.

:shrug: The point is
What rock/symphonical/paint artists are under Satan Influx?

King Diamond, Elliot Goldenthal (Interview with the Vampire’s music) Salvador Dali, Deicide, Obituary (death metal)…

We could say, only heavy metal bands, but they are so boring & musically poor, then THERE IS NO SATANIC INFLUX IN THE POPULAR ARTS.

What with the masonry, a factory of humanists, artists…

:smiley: WHY ZEPPELIN!, I’m talking about SOFT ROCK ONLY.
Please, enter to Satan Red, and read about the Movie Luzifer Rising. Characters: Mick Jagger as Satan, Marianne Faithful, Angie… a black magician, Jagger’s girlfriend.

Well said.

These days? As far as I can tell, this discussion hinges on things Bowie wrote over 30 years ago when he was immersed in drug addiction. He’s reportedly been clean/sober for many years now. Is there any indication that he still thinks occult stuff is cool? Is there any occult stuff in his recent body of work?

Lots of people have toyed with Crowley. Bowie is way too much of a chameleon to toy with anything for too long. I’d be very surprised if he still had any interest in Crowley.

No, I’m not simply talking about Bowie, but about such acts like this in general.

Okay. :slight_smile:

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