Is December 24th a Holy Day of Obligation?

Well, I know December 25th is a Holy Day of Obligation. But what about December 24th? Is it a Holy Day of Obligation? Does the obligation start in the afternoon of the day, as I had seen on a website? Will I sin if I don’t attend mass today (December 24th) or sanctify the day?

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That would be for Christmas, not Christmas eve.

No, December 24 is not a Holy Day of Obligation.

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Won’t I sin if I don’t sanctify today, will I? I know tomorrow I must sanctify the day.

Traditionally the Vigil of Christmas is a day of fasting and abstinence (in America only fasting and partial abstinence) in preparation for the big Christmas feast on the 25th. Today the rules are relaxed and you aren’t obligated to do anything on the 24th. It’s still recommended that we fast if we can, though. :wink:

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OP, given your posting history, you suffer from scrupulosity and you thus should not post these questions here. Speak to your priest.



No, it is not.

Holy days of obligation are all Sundays and a number of holy days with the rank of feast. If you are in the USA (and statistically you are likely to be like most people on CAF) you can find out which solemnities are holy days of obligation on the USCCB website: Here

Ok, if it is possible, moderation may close the topic. Problem solved.

No, I am from South America.

Then you will need to find the website of the episcopal (bishops’) conference of the South American country in which you reside.

Although December 24th itself is not a day of obligation, you may fulfill your obligation for the 25th on the evening of the 24th.

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