Is demon possession really schizophrenia?

I the New Testament people are often healed of demon possession by jesus and His
disciples. Was this really demon possession or what we call today schizophrenia which
treated with medication? Also, if demon possession is something separate and real why
doesnt the Church do exorcisims anymore?

In areas of Scripture where the text explicitly mentions demons we can presume that the issue was truly a matter of demon possession.

The Church does continue to perform exorcisms (1999 Rite of Exorcism). In order for an exorcism to receive permission from the local Ordinary to be performed all reasonable attempts to diagnose the situation as a medical condition must first be attempted:

Prefect for Divine Worship on the New Rite of Exorcism

To the question if exorcism has changed because of the advent of psychoanalysis, Cardinal Medina answered: “exorcism is one thing, and psychoanalysis is another. If the exorcist has any doubt about the mental health of the possessed, he should consult an expert. It is not always necessary, but it is prudent to hear what the psychiatrist has to say. It often happens that simple people confuse somatic problems with diabolical influence, but not everything can be attributed to the devil.”

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