Is denying God when talking in immaginarry situation sinful?


I often talk to myself immagining I was talking to sonebody. Anyway, yesterday I immagined talking to audience as a right wing atheist. I stopped when I realised it could be sinful. I know it wasn’t a mortal sin because I didn’t have full intention, but I am afraid that it could be sinful. Important thing is that I, when talking to myself, never talk with a different logic than I live by, so maybe I offended God by doubting in Him and believing there is something I can be more sure about than His existance…
P.S. Is talking to yourself, while immagining you are talking to somebody/audience weird? Do you do it?


You are just running scenarios. Your fear of sinning is fine but you were not in fact taking that position in reality. if you like running scenarios, I think it is fine, but don’t forget you can find another person to talk with as well about such scenarios, Pairing up with a fellow believer can be greatly beneficial because that helps practice solidarity in our hope of the eternal kingdom.


I talk to myself when I am nervous sometimes, or when I have to get my head together. In the sense of: “Ok, it’s all easy, no worries, first you’ll do this, then you do that… no problem at all…” :wink:
That is different though I guess.

One thing that may be similar: I like to read aloud sometimes when I am reading a novel and act out the different characters. If somebody says something that would not be good, or one character for example would say something against the faith, I have also wondered before if it was morally ok to “act” that character.

Worse still if a character makes a promise, I am kind of afraid to speak that out because I might then feel bound by the promise myself, which i kind of know is very silly. :slight_smile:


I constantly talk to myself, I thin kit comes from when I was a child and I would do the same, I don’t particularly like the silence unless I am in bed at night. I usually talk to myself or daydream unless I am with others.


To your is it weird question, if it’s in your head then it’s normal. And the occasional thought aloud is normal. Imagining scenarios is also normal. However, saying it all aloud is weird.


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