Is Diary of St. Faustina ok for a scrupulous person?


Would you say it’s okay for a scrupulous person to read the Diary of St. Faustina? Should be ok, no?

God bless

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Everything can be problematic for a scrupulous person to read.

The diary itself is overflowing with good material that is beneficial for a person’s spiritual life.


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Thanks for your fast reply. And yes. I think you are right - pretty much anything can start spinning the wheels of scrupulosity. But there are books that are more suitable than others. I’m thinking about reading the diary, but am not sure if I should read it.

There are 2 or 3 passages that would probably cause some issues but if anything it would probably help with scruples.


Ask the priest who is working with you on your scruples not a bunch of people on the internet.


I would think if a person with scrupulocity is on this site then the diary would be ok. Maybe ask your priest or spiritual advisor.

For the scrupulous, listen to your spiritual director/regular confessor before diving into private Revelations.

I have read much of the Diary. My wife read the whole thing and is a great proponent of reading it.

However ----- The effect it initially had on me (after reading perhaps 10% of the book) was one of extreme discouragement. St Faustina was SO holy, almost beyond comprehension. Page after page of revelations, personal sacrifices, etc. How could anybody be that holy? I’m past that point of discouragement now, but I would not recommend a scrupulous person to read the whole book. Selected excerpts - maybe.

But I’ll pray for you that if you read it, that it will be good for you!

As someone with scrupulousity I found the message of Divine Mercy helped me immensely. I haven’t read the entire diary though.

Ask your priest and see what advice he would give.

Thanks everyone for replies! God bless you all.

The diary is fine.

Treating the scruples via counseling is better.

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