Is disobeying an internet website rule a sin?

I was temporarily banned on Wikipedia for edit-warring. I then got permanently banned in March 2012 for making sock-puppets (making new accounts while I was banned so that I could still edit).

After all that, I made another account which has not been banned (because they do not know the account belongs to me), and I have been editing with said account.

Is it a sin to edit on Wikipedia under these circumstances?

I ask this because it seems dishonest, but if anyone asked me on Wikipedia, I would tell the truth.

I thought one of the rules of this website was we aren’t suppose to talk about other websites. I would suggest that you follow the rules of the websites you participate in unless there is something immoral about those rules.

I don’t know if it’s a sin, other than the deception part of the equation (and I’m absolutely not qualified to say “mortal or venial” so I won’t), but it’s not going to help your case with the Admins if you ever want to get that ban rescinded. And if they find that you’re sock-puppeting again, they probably won’t take it very kindly, possibly permabanning the whole IP address associated with your account(s), which could end up affecting others than yourself.

Why on earth would you want to do those things…you knew it was wrong to do them when you got banned but you deliberately kept doing it by making other accounts…id say yes you sinned by causing unneccessary trouble

Be careful that it isn’t your pride that is making you edit that site. Are you thinking this iinformation is wrong and I have to be the one to fix it. I know I have to watch myself from this sin of always being right and I try to be humble and give the situation to God and let it go. Since you’ve been banned fill your time with other pursuits, reading about the saints would be a good start. Praying for God to help you with this

Is fraud and deception sinful? Of course it is.

Not to mention, it’s inviting strife into your life.

There may be some very important things that you feel that you need to champion, but you must keep in mind that you are not solely responsible.

Give others a chance to step up to the plate.

Learn to let things go.

Let joy back into your life. Yes?

I wasn’t sure if it would count as deception, as I don’t edit the types of pages that I did when I was banned and I never denied being the same person with this particular account (no one asked, probably because I don’t edit-war on those types of pages).

“No one asked” isn’t good enough. You need to live as honest a life as you can. The Lord forgives us out of his love. We respond by living a holy life to show our love back. That’s what being a Christian is about. To be holy you live in the light being an example to others of the virtues. If you’ve been banned then you need to examine what lead to that, creating sock puppet accounts is definitely not living open and honest. Being honest is doing the right thing even if no one is looking.

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