Is doing homework on Sunday a mortal sin?

I’m in high school and I would like to know if it is a mortal sin to do homework on Sunday. I would think not because homework is something that you have to do to get good grades and you have no control over the amount of homework you get, but I would like to see what everyone else thinks. Thanks!

Why would you think it’s a mortal sin? Or any kind of sin?

We seem to have an increase of teens and young people asking if doing anything other than lying on the couch after attending Mass on Sunday is a sin…there is nothing wrong with doing your homework, helping paint a siblings room, raking leaves, or helping parents with some housecleaning. I don’t know if there is a scrupulosity issue going on with these youngsters or if some are trying to get out of doing chores :shrug:

No, not a sin at all. Study hard! :slight_smile:

Hi, I don’t think it’s a mortal sin, or even a venial. I’ve been guilty of doing this myself, lol. Just try to do your homework earlier in the week if possible. It’ll give you more time on Sunday to go to Mass, and to relax. God Bless, hope this helped.:slight_smile:

You need to look at this from a holistic perspective.

There is no “this is a mortal sin on Sunday” list. Why not? Because the Church teaches us the precepts of the Church, the Ten Commandments, and then expects us to form our consciences and act accordingly. The Church has no comprehensive ban on any specific thing on Sunday. It does say we are to avoid those things that hinder worship and a proper regard for Sunday as a day set aside from the others.

The 3rd commandment enjoins us to keep Lord’s Day (Sunday) holy. To refrain from unnecessary work or those things that hinder us from worship and relaxation. Typically in days past this was “servile work” meaning manual labor. Most farmers work very hard all week, but on Sunday they only did the minimum such as feeding/watering/milking-- whatever HAD to be done. Factories were closed so that laborers could rest-- that is before the 5 day work week came about. Servants were given Sunday off to rest and worship.

these days, many people have to work on Sundays because our culture at large does not support closure of shops on Sunday anymore. This was true in ancient Roman times too-- Christians had to work, so they came together in the evenings for worship.

So, YOU must form your conscience regarding what is *necessary *and what is *not *and whether it hinders you from the time you could be spending with family, doing charity works, going to Mass, etc.

Do you have homework on Sunday because you didn’t do it on Friday or Saturday? Or, is it something large that really is taking you 3 days to work on? Such as a project or studying for a big test? These are questions to ask yourself. Why is it left to Sunday? Could it be done another day? Did you plan well or did you waste the time you could have been doing homework on another day?

Once you’ve formed your conscience and thought ahead about when you could/should be doing homework versus other things, then you make your decisions about Sunday.

If you believe you have not honored the 3rd commandment, then talk to your pastor about it.

Your posts suggest you may struggle with scrupulosity. If that’s the case, you need to speak with a priest about it, and take his advice only, not that of random strangers on the internet.

I agree that this question suggests scrupulosity, and if the poster has shown such tendencies then he/she should talk to a priest, however please don’t call the people at CAF “random strangers on the internet”. This site has many people who are knowledgable in the faith and provide sound advice. Their advice is to be seen as a complement to the direct advice of a priest, rather than just noise. We do well to put our questions to this site and to grow in faith and knowledge with our conversations. In doing so we both save the time of our priests, and make good use a God given technology.

The previous responses to the OP are all sound. I particularly liked 1ke’s point that there is no list of what is and is not permitted on a Sunday - that this is something for the individual to work out in their own conscience (and with appropriate guidance).

I disagree that this suggests scrupulosity. This is a very, very common question among many Catholics (including myself some years ago) and there’s nothing scrupulous about it. This person just seems to be seeking a complete understanding of the 3rd commandment, and the question has been sufficiently answered in this thread.

I wasn’t talking about this post only. I was talking about the OPs posts in general. You’ll notice I said posts. And they do indicate the possibility of scrupulosity.

Yes, and there are also many others who are not so knowledgeable in the faith. A person dealing with scrupulosity should follow the advice of their priest.

No, it’s pretty much required of a Student as long as you don’t miss Mass.

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