Is Downloading Music a sin?

I was wondering if downloading free music is a sin. I don’t download whole albums i just download 1 song here and 1 song there. I figure it is too expensive to buy a CD where you only like 2 songs on it. Plus I am in college and dont have money to spend on CD’s. I would like to join a legal downloading site but 99 cents per song is rather expensive if you consider it costs the same as buying a regular CD plus you have to pay a montly fee. That was my rationalzation but I would like some direction on the subject. Thank You and God Bless!

It is not intrinsically immoral to download free music, but it may be against the law. As it is within the just purview of the law to restrict such free downloads, a Catholic should respect the law if there is one in place. Check with a lawyer – one who specializes in copyright law would be especially helpful – to find out what the laws are in this matter.

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