Is dressing saints with sports team allowed?

I was watching the news and they were doing a documentary from a church in Mexico. In this church (Catholic church) they dressed baby Jesus with soccer shorts and a Mexico team shirt and people go there to pray for their team to do well in the world cup. Is this allowed? Is this church wrong? Are the people praying wrong?


and a :eek:

If it is allowed, it shouldn’t be.
I am guessing it would severely frowned upon.

There’s just something inherently wrong about it.
Like worshipping sports over Him.

Just, wow…

:doh2: is right

I have had a quick look at my Bible but found no reference to Jesus playing soccer.
I thought Rugby was the game played in Heaven, or was it cricket?
This is a simple communities’ attempt to bring Jesus on their side, as many Kings tried to do with wars across the centuries.
I pray to Our Lady for a car park, so who am I to judge if they want to embed Christ in their daily lives. It may be better than in America where they try to take His name out of every public institution, from their Parliament; schools; hospitals; parks and monuments.
Leave them their little devotions, does it hurt their souls?.

I think it’s adorable. Jesus is fully human and fully God, and I don’t see why his human side wouldn’t have enjoyed a little bit of football.

Pax Christi!

As long as nobody is cheering against Notre Dame, the Church has no problem with it.

God bless.

Mexico always has different somewhat irreverent practices by US standards. If it brings people to church to pray how bad can it be? I am always amazed that Hispanics name their children Jesus or Italians name theirs Savior.

Can you name one of these “irreverent” practices? I can’t, and I am well-acquainted with Mexico and her faith.

Naming children after Christ our Lord is anything but irreverent. It is a fault in Anglo culture that children aren’t.

There is a long standing tradition of dressing statues of the child Jesus in different clothes. I have seen this most often with the Divine Infant of Prague. The statue is dressed for different festivities, for parish celebrations and for the seasons.

While a soccer jersey is new to me, it’s not an unheard of idea.

Only if your a Saints fan.

Thanks for your response. You are right, in America we are becoming too sensitive and forgetting Christ. We don’t want to let our students, employees, etc. pray because we might offend someone else. But I guess nobody is allowed to be offended with gay marriage, use of illegal drugs, violence or other senseless things we let society worship. Let’s embed Christ in our daily lives. :thumbsup:


(Loved “Rudy”)

Oh boy, I need to get some NHL patches for the next set of Infant of Prague vestments I’m sewing!

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