Is drinking when are not thirsty a mortal sin?


Hi, Is drinking when you are not thirsty gluttony? Is it a mortal sin? I know getting drunk is a mortal sin, but if you have a soda and you are drinking it even though you aren’t thirsty, is that a mortal sin? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Ideally, everything we do should done for God. This holds true for eating and drinking too. Eat and drink only so far as it enables you to do God’s will in this world. However, it’s not a mortal sin to fail to engage in this type of deep devotion.


No not necessarily anything sinful. One can drink something in quite a good way without being thirsty.

Though I do not recommend Soda personally (have never liked the stuff!).

As to “mortal” remember for a mortal sin one needs grave matter, full knowledge and complete consent.

An example of grave matter in gluttony is getting drunk where one looses ones reason etc.


Certainly not. Staying hydrated is good for you (although water would be better than soda), and we should take care of the bodies God gave us.


Ideally we should drink water or other fluids, such as soda, before we are thirsty in order to prevent dehydration. This is healthier. When you get thirsty, your body is already dehydrated, which is a negative, unhealthy state for your body. Drinking fluids before the sensation of thirst will help prevent heat stroke which could be fatal.

I strongly doubt that this is mortal sin. Ask your confessor next time you confess.


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No sin whatsoever.

Biologically, it is known that our bodies can dehydrate before we even feel thirsty. When it comes to keeping alive, our somas, which hold the life, can be far wiser than our minds.



Thirst is not necessarily and indicator one should consume fluids. Often it is a sign that one is already dehydrated.


In fact, you can drink just for the sheer pleasure of it without sinning. There’s a good reason why wine is served at weddings, for example – it’s not primarily for the purpose of hydration – and why Jesus changed water into wine. As the psalm puts it, God gave us “wine to make us cheerful, oil to make us strong.”


In the Catechism I can only find drinking alcohol as a grave sin when endangers life.

Surely sitting at home in the evening having a few drinks watching television can’t be a mortal sin?


It’s healthy to stay hydrated. (If you are talking about water, not pop.

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The Catechism is not intended to be a moral theology textbook or course.

When it is excessive it is sinful. When drinking is contrary to temperance or health etc.

Examples of when drinking is grave sin would be - total loss of ones reason, or it leads to other mortal sins, and of course drunk driving as you noted.

I do not know what a “few” drinks is for a particular person… (and body mass gets involved too)…but yes such can become sinful and could potentially be mortally sinful (such as getting drunk where one looses ones reason…).



I have no reason to believe the OP is trolling. Although, he does have ten posts and has started nine threads asking if certain things are sins. So perhaps the OP struggles with scrupulosity.


No not a mortal sin and sometimes maybe necessary. For instance a diabetic might not be thirsty but a glass of fruit juice might be a good way to regulate blood sugar if it gets too low.


If, before you perform or omit an act, you are doubtful whether or not it is sinful for you, you shall assume as certain that it is not sinful and shall proceed to act without any dread of sin whatever. Please read:


Note: various things a confessor might tell a particular person who is scrupulous - are not for others.


Note: various things a confessor might tell a particular person who is scrupulous - are not for others.


medically you are to drink before feeling thirsty as thirsting is a sign of the begining of being dehydrated…
However it is recommended that it would be water… and not something full of sugar… as that would be a treat and not so much a hydrating tool.
Though soda in small amounts is not sinful to drink.

I agree with the medical stance on drinking when not thirsty.

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