Is drunkenness intrinsically wrong?

Yeah but exercise also increases the production of dopamine, hence the “runners high”. Not everything that increases your dopamine is a drug.

However, alcohol IS a drug, being a depressant. Then again, caffeine is also a drug, a stimulant.

Doctors dont condemn or criticise moderate consumption, only overuse.

In moderation both caffeine and alcohol have health benefits which counteract any negatives.

I know a lot of people who couldn’t do that stone cold sober.


I always liked Churchills line when a woman haughtily complained that he was drunk: ‘And you madam are ugly. But at least I shall be sober in the morning’.

And one more from the great man:

Lady Soames: ‘Sir, if you were my husband I would poison your tea!’
Churchill: ‘Madam, if I were your husband, I would drink it…’


And let’s not forget Eleanor Roosevelt. A man in his cups told her she was the ugliest woman he had ever seen. She then told him that he was the drunkest man she had ever seen.

Incidentally, she was not a bad-looking woman in her youth, not in the least.



Aah, Churchhill had some fantastic zingers, usually with good friends and in jest.

One, the playwright Shaw, once sent him two tickets for the opening night of a play of his. The note said 'Bring a friend - if you have one".

Churchhill sent back a reply “Sorry I cannot make the opening night, but I would like two tickets for the second night - if there is one.”


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I’ve always liked the scripture below from Matthew 11:19

Perhaps we are to be careful about throwing the term “drunk” around. ”Drunkard“ was an attack thrown at Jesus. If your alcohol use is hurting yourself or (potentially) others, that’s bad. It’s a sin. Otherwise, perhaps we don’t get too uptight about it.

I often think that there are alcoholics that in a different environment where people are taught to drink responsibly would not be alcoholics. Like many thinks, a good glass or wine/bourbon/cider is a gift from God. The wedding at Cana was Jesus’ first miracle after all.

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Nor would our Lord have turned water into wine at the wedding feast at Cana (at a point of the feast where the wedding guests had already consumed a good quantity of wine).


It is wrong when it is immoderate - normally consisting in the suspension of reason in proportion with one’s ability to moderate other behavior with the will in a timely manner appropriate to one’s situation. With the reason, we love God and avoid sin.

However, sometimes it is legitimate to suspend one’s reason, and it can even be obligatory, like sleeping, or anesthesia for surgery. It is also possible to use alcohol for anesthesia - though of course this is thankfully atypical in the developed world. So no, in this sense it is legitimate.

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