Is dyeing your hair a sin?

Would changing the colour of your hair or adding highlights to it be a sin? Even if it was a natural colour?

Why would it be?



I don’t know, but I have seen some hair colors today that look like hell. :rofl:


On your other thread, you indicate you struggle with scruples. You need to talk to your Priest about them if you haven’t already. Coming to CAF to get an answer for “is X a sin” will only make them worse.


Why would it be?
I see you joined yesterday. Suggest you spend time reading and learning about the faith.

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I dye my hair blonde (i’m a brunette) because I think I look more attractive to myself and my husband and I still wonder if I’m being vain because I always think “St Thérèse would not do this “ and she is my yardstick of how I want to be. Plus, maybe God does care?

It was just something that came up today and i wanted to find an answer for it. Thank you for the suggestions :slight_smile:

Came up today— by who?Don’t listen to uninformed people or, worse, social media.

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She shouldn’t be your yardstick. You aren’t St Therese. You are you. We should imitate the saints, sure, but to the degree that we’re capable of it or in the ways our own lives resonate with theirs. You have a different vocation in life than she did, and perhaps your own particular inclinations or the virtues you possess more strongly are different. Nothing wrong with wanting to look attractive to your husband, provided this isn’t somehow consuming you to the point of an unhealthy fixation, which it doesn’t seem like.



She shouldn’t be an example I should follow? Why? The fact that I’m married doesn’t seem a well enough reason or is it? Even men follow her example

Was talking about hair dying today with my dad and sister, nothing about it being a sin was brought up. It was my own question

Obviously you are a unique human being and your job is to do God’s will for you. We definitely strive to imitate the saints in their virtues but hair dying or not is not high up there in the virtue category, and by no means do we have to wear what certain saints wore, eat what they ate, etc.

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I think Fr. means you should not keep comparing yourself to her, not that you shouldn’t use her as an example.


No. Even the most aesthetically offensive anime hair is not bad enough an indictment of our species to be considered sinful in the eyes of the Church.

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It doesn’t even have to be a natural color. If you like, you can dye it green and yellow to look like a parrot, and it’s still not a sin.


Do what feels right to you. No one, except you has the right answer…

God bless you

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Now, that’s strong hair gel isn’t it?

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Also, not a sin

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Ahh, but when it pokes out the eye of that gal behind him . . .



A friend of mine once went to Taizé with his hair arranged (using gel) into a prominent pair of horns on each side seeking to imitate the image classically associated with the devil.

Thus his attitude could potentially be regarded as sinful in that it showed scorn, contempt, irreligion, provocation, and sought to ridicule. Or perhaps it was just an expression of ignorance and bad taste. Who’s to say…

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