Is eating for the mere pleasure of the experience really a sin of gluttony? Can someone explained boundaries of this?


I would say gluttony is when you eat too much, more than you require to the extent of being wasteful.

So it depends. Food is for pleasure too, not just something we are forced to eat to feed our bodies. I do not think it is a sin of glutonny unless you truly unreasonably eat in large amount and being wasteful.

Moderation is the key. And enjoy your food, it’s God’s providence for you.

God bless.


How large is your wine cellar?

Do you agonize over vintages?

Do you eat an entire cheese cake in one sitting?

Do you employ your very own dessert chef?


Not large enough!

I wish…

I could easily. I’ve devoured whole pies before :yum:

Not until I’m in the White House.


It might be more acceptable if the condiments helps you eat good food. For example, I have a hard time eating cooked ground beef by itself so I add sauces and other condiments. If the condiments help you eat good foods than I guess it’s acceptable. However, especially in casual settings, the saints encourages us to mortify our appetites and we should strive in that practice.


Did you ever buy a candy bar?

  • I was at a party where we ate pizza, drank beer, and smoked cigars. I’m not sorry for it.

  • I ate a cookie ALONE at home and had a can of seltzer. I’m not sorry for it.

  • I’ve had four craft beers in one sitting before. I’m not sorry for it.

Unless you’re causing harm to your health, family, or finances, enjoying your food and beverage is perfectly fine. Let’s be realistic, are we gonna condemn ice cream? Uh, no.


gluttony= gorging oneself on food.

Enjoying your food is not gluttony.
Having a snack is not gluttony
Enjoying sweets is not gluttony

Gluttony is EXCESS.
Vile, over the top, and grotesque consumption.



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