Is eating unhealthy gluttony

For example say you eat 1 hot pocket each day(when there is some) ,or go to fast food like 5 or more times in a month, I know theres way more examples but when do you know you have ate enough snacks in a day or in a week.How do you know if you ate more snacks or unhealthy things then you’r suppose to? Also will getting more calories then you need in a day will that be gluttony?

That all depends on so much! Are you eating hot pockets because they’re yummier than a well balanced meal? Do you have the time or means to prepare a well balanced meal?

When you eat fast food is it because you lack time or money to do otherwise? Or are you eating with a “Must. Eat. Now!” Feeling?

You should try to be temperate in your eating and neither choose snacks as meals or get into odd delicate eating habits…becoming a “food Nazi”

Food Nazi came from Seinfeld, I believe. Im not talking about Hitler or anything. Food Nazi is a joking way of describing the sin of delicacy, which is also part of gluttony. Its like when people must have their food a certain way and/or are over picky and fastidious.

I hope im not just digging a deeper hole…I hope someone comes to the rescue!

I’m not supposed to ask for no onions on my cheeseburger? I don’t pitch a fit if they put them on there. I will kindly pick them off, but I would prefer them not to be on there at all. :o
Also, I can’t stand mushrooms, they make me gag. I have this weird thing with textures. So I will ask for no mushrooms and no onions on my supreme pizza. This is wrong to do?

Im 13 and usually i eat what my mom makes or eat things my mom buys like cup of noodles,chip,hot pockets and all other type of food I love , but when my mom doesn’t make Nothing i just find something in the fridge or the pantry, is it a sin to eat snacks rather than making food i know how to make some things but they arent really meals like eggs,and tacos but I wasn’t in the mood to eat that so I just got cup of noodles is that a sin.

Oh, for the love of Pete guys, eating normally is not a sin. Most things aren’t sins.

What is it with the massive scrupulosity epidemic lately?

Can depend on what and how much your eating… if your eating fruit, you can eat till you drop… we often have a box of chocolates in the fridge, and I’l have one or two per day… but sometimes I’l have 5 or six and feel guilty because I think I’m making a pig out of myself…
thats over doing it… not a sin… but just to much

:tiphat:Welcome. I have a lot of interest in this area. First, because I lost 90 pounds about 9 years ago and because the rising obesity epidemic is scary and needs to be taken seriously.

I would advise you to gradually cut back on your fast food habit and hot pockets. Try to incorporate balanced, simple choices. Eating at Subway is great because of the fresh veggies and healthy choices.

I would encourage you to give up soda all together necause it is SO bad and there are better choices that, in moderation, have positive health benefits, like coffee and tea.

One really helpful tip that has helped me has been researching World War II rationing in Great Britain. The sacrifices those people made were incredible. One book entitled How We Lived Then is especially good. It will make you realise that you can safely cut back on things like meat, sweets, and dairy and be just fine, if not healthier. You could also save some money in the process.

Hope this helps.:blessyou:

Firstly, you are asking a lot of question here lately. That’s fine. But some of the topics indicate a tendency to scrupulosity and you should take a lot of these questions to a priest and have a good chat through them.

Secondly, gluttony is a complex sin (or vice). But I don’t think what you describe is gluttony. You are only 13, so your body is still growing and you need plenty of energy to sustain it. If you think you are overweight, you could consider your dietary choices. But if not, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Young active people can eat food in a way that those of us in our 30s or later can only reminisce about! Be careful about establishing healthy eating habits (you’ll be glad you did later on), but don’t stress or worry that you are sinning because you ate a bit more junk food than you think you sould have. Some junk food in moderation is fine at your age.

If you are overweight, then that’s how you can tell you are getting too may calories. :wink: Also over eating in one day is not a sin or gluttony if you don’t eat that way all the time on a regular basis. I think gluttony refers to over eating to the point of being morbidly obese which is a sin because it’s unhealthy and harms the body.

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