Is effeminate dancing for men immoral?

I’m a 16 year old guy. I recently got interested in dancing, but then I happen to notice that the best dances I do are the effeminate ones, so I sticked to that.

I wouldn’t say sexual in nature but rather just sassy. This has no bearing on sexual orientation, and I only do the effeminate dances to impress, spice up personality a bit, and and sometimes, comedic purposes. So now you understand that there is no sexual intent. Also, I know it is a ticket to being ostracized, but I’ve gained confidence to do so even on-stage.

I have a few girl students (less fortunate ones) in a school program and I’ve decided to teach them some of my moves for a dance performance. Of course, I was careful enough not to get sexual, though some of those moves are sassy-girly in nature. I’ve told my students to act sassy in the dance (but not in real life).

I’m sorry, but I am really tense right now because I have a lot to teach them and their performance is in a few days… yet at the same time, I have strings of doubt with what I’m doing. (And no, don’t say stuff like “Oh, just play safe and make the dances unisex”. I’ve spent hours choreographing… I wanna make sure that I will only start again from scratch if it is totally wrong.)

If the dancing is being done by girls, your role being solely as teacher not performer, and is non-sexual I’m not sure what could be wrong about it. If you are doing an effeminate performance for comedic effect, again I see nothing wrong. If you are, in a non-comedic way, dancing like a woman, i.e. in a way inappropriate for a man, then I’d suggest speaking to someone you trust who can observe the performance and give better advice.

This probably falls safely under the realm of prudential judgment.


Although – and this is just my total ignorance of dance speaking – I cannot picture what “effeminate” dancing would look like. :shrug:


Dance is movement. Be grateful you can move. I had to take dance lessons to learn how to move and you are blessed with something I had to learn from someone else. Forget about what someone calls it. Moving is human. Men move. Women move. I can’t tell the difference between Shirley temple tap dancing or Fred Astair tap dancing. They both tap dance.


There is no such thing as an intrinsically effeminate dance.

Have you done a double blind study on this to be 100% sure in your surety or is this belief based on other than a statistic?

A double blind study is unnecessary given that this is a semantic issue, not a scientific one. What does it mean for a dance to be effeminate? Only that in our modern society women happen to dance it more than men. Unless the dance inherently involves female anatomy (and thus cannot be performed by men), it hardly seems that a dance can be broadly restricted to a single sex.

Effeminate is a state of mind.:thumbsup:

Given that the poster himself described the dances as effeminate, it appears to be a state of mind which he is in when he performs.

And he said he does perform them himself (on-stage), and does not merely teach them to others.

Then it is a given that you agree.:thumbsup:

I am glad that you agree with my posts. :thumbsup:

It was consistent with a model of the mind that I adhere to and that in practice has predictable outcomes. It allows for an understanding of behavior, including posting, that is predicatable. This is of course common sense to anyone that understands models of the mind.

I am glad you agree with my posts. :thumbsup:

Does the word perseveration mean anything to you, deja vu, or we have all been here before…?

I am simply glad that your post #11 agrees with my first post in the thread. It is not often that we agree, so I am happy that we found common ground. :thumbsup:

**If I had ever been here before I would probably know just what todo
Don’t you?
If I had ever been here before on another time around the wheel
I would probably know just how to deal
With all of you.
And I feel
Like I’ve been here before
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What’s going on under the ground

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Don’t you wonder?
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Yes, I am glad you agree with me.

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