Is endorsing certain TV shows sinful?

Alright, I get your point and I think we’re just talking past one another. Your point is you should avoid sinfulness wherever possible, and I agree, but my point is that sometimes things have virtues and vices mixed together and you don’t always have to forego those virtues to avoid all vice, so long as you recognize the vices as vices. But we’ve gone way off topic now so I’d rather not argue anymore.

People don’t need to watch explicitly Catholic media 100% of the time. It’s okay to turn your brain off sometimes and laugh at a sitcom sometimes.

I’d settle for 1% of the time people got sucked into Netflix.

I’ve created threads on Catholic films that premiered in theaters, and you could hear the crickets chirp.

How many Catholics know what FORMED.ORG is? How many of them know that their parish may have already sprung for a subscription, and all they need is to obtain the code?

How many Catholics have amassed a sci-fi/fantasy collection but have yet to crack open an Ignatius Press catalog?

I don’t wanna split hairs here and this may not be what you meant at all, but I think there’s a big difference between leisure and turning off our brain.
Something that moves and uplifts vs something that is just nothing, I think the former is obviously better and more fitting to Christian life. I don’t mean to put down people’s taste or anything.

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I meant “turning off your brain” in the sense of something that isn’t intellectually stimulating. I use my brain all day at work and by the time we get the kids to bed, I’m not really in the mood for a documentary on the Council of Trent. Sometimes I just need an episode of the Office or Parks and Rec because I just want to chuckle as I unwind.

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If you mean that you can enjoy it straightforwardly without having to ponder its depths then I get it, trust me.

Well, I had Formed for a while. The parish I taught catechism in had a parish plan as well.

It WAS good for teaching, because the kids were well behaved watching Br Francis (I taught very young kids).

Maybe it’s different in the states, but up here, Formed is all historical documentaries, documentaries about theology, and historical drama type movies. If the Sci Fi and fantasy that you mentioned are someone’s favorite genre, they aren’t likely to get much out of Formed. I like reading and study groups to enrich my faith and learn about saints. I just don’t get much out of a video tour of where a saint from the 5th century used to live. If I want a movie or show, then I prefer a family drama from modern times, or an imaginative sci fi and fantasy plot. Very few historical shows interest me.

I do agree that catholics should spend some of their time on catholic media (I have books, a couple movies and a whole catholic singer/worship section on itunes), but for me, I just don’t like reducing things about God to purely entertainment, so when I only need inspiration, like a good holy-trumps-evil movie or a wholesome sitcom to make me laugh, and not a lot of deep heavy conversion type stuff, the two are not inter-changeable.

I find that most movies and shows these days have fairly poor morality compared to when I was a kid in the 1990’s. I find that there is too much focus on the images shown in the movies (sex and violence) and being politically correct (we need a gay character, do we have at least three ethnic groups, are we feminist enough) that you just end up with a story that is morally undeveloped, not because a good movie can’t contain some of these PC things, but because once you add all of them, there’s little time left for a good plot. Have one female character say they have a girlfriend in one line in passing, and it seems like all of a sudden, you sell enough tickets to cover cost of production, just because its “inclusive”. Forget how good the plot or acting is. Or maybe they’re just too timid to come right out and say something isn’t morally grey but fully good or fully evil. Just once, I’d like a new movie where the bad guy is a bad guy, and not disguised as someone aligned with good only to be found out. We’ve seen it already. Sorry, that’s my rant.

It’s hard to avoid all manner of media, or any manner of media these days. It’d be nice for Formed or another network to create some wholesome fiction to fill the void. A family sitcom about a catholic family, or a drama set in biblical times. More animated kids shows that teach faith without being overly educational and classroom-oriented would be nice too.

This! Good!

(Can you tell my brain is fried? I work in a hospital, and yesterday was brutal. I certainly was not in the frame of mind to watch “EWTN”, which I can’t get anyway as we don’t have cable and don’t want it.)

We caught up on Superstore–one of my favorite shows, and it’s full of sinful people, except for the character “Glen”–he’s a born-again Christian and reminds me of all the born-again Christians I grew up with, loved, admired, and STILL love and admire even though I’m now Catholic! Great character played by a very good actor.

We’re supposed to be forming ourselves into saints, right?
Not even my own mother or grandmother would have watched something like S Creek, because it’s basically endorsing the son’s gay lifestyle.
They’re would have considered it absolute disgusting trash. What would saints like St. Therese think of these shows? Or St. Padre Pio? Would they recommend that these are going to make us holier? Even though they’re funny and au courant, I always think of CS Lewis and the Screwtape Letters admonition that the devil gets us to express all kinds of bad morals with the excuse “oh well, it’s just a joke”, or “it’s just comedy”.

You can always put a disclaimer on your endorsement (“I thought the way they wrote X issue was very fair and nuanced, but I didn’t like how they handled Y”)

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