Is Enya a practicating Catholic?

Guess I am just a “gluten for deflation” like the U2 fans but does anybody know if my Irish singer Enya is a practicing Catholic? In this video of her having an audience with JPII she didn’t kiss his ring like the others and seems to act a bit nonchalant. I find this a little troubling. Would that be an indication that she is not Catholic?
PS: Sorry about the poor quality of the video.

I honestly don’t know. That is a good question though.

I thought that maybe looking at which part of Ireland she was from would be a clue, so I looked around and found that she’s listed in a category for Irish Roman Catholics in Wikipedia, which is here.

I don’t know if she’s a practicing Catholic or not as you ask, so this post may be pointless! :smiley: But I hope it helps…

I seem to remember reading somewhere that Enya practices Celtic Christianity…so no, she would not be Catholic if that is the case. :wink:

I don’t know whether this will help, but I remembered seeing an interview some months back in which Enya’s sister Moya Brennan (lead singer of Clannad) discussed Celtic Christianity:

From what I understood, Enya is pretty new-agey. I think she practices bits and pieces of Catholicism.

I see no reason to think she’'s not. When she was meeting the Pope, she was probably just shy and awkward. She says she’s Catholic and her faith influences her. She talked about prayer once and how she’ll go in Church and pray alone. Much of her music has Christian themes, or are even overt prayers. All this trash about her being pagan or whatever comes from the fact that her music is sold in the “New Age” section of music stores. That’s just the idiotic way the music industry classifies things and Enya has said she disagrrees with it. Many artists who don’t want their music called “New Age” have it shoved there because the music industry has made that term into a genre. If they think it sounds “mystical”, they put in New Age. I love Enya, she’s my favorite musician ever.

I believe that kissing the Pope’s ring is voluntary, even for Catholics.

This is eleven years old, but here is how she answered a similar question in December, 2000.

B& Do you consider yourself a spiritual or religious person, and if so, what would be your core belief?

E: I consider myself to be a spiritual person, not necessarily a religious one, although I have to say that one of the highlights of my career was when I performed at the Vatican for the Pope and had an audience with him. My core beliefs would revolve around the idea that we should live to the best of our abilities – we should live and let live.

In other words------she’s NOT a Practicing Catholic. :(:frowning:

But her music is still pretty darn awesome! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Admittedly so. Don’t get me wrong, I still like her music (and still occcassionally listen to it).

Just think it is a shame she is just “spiritual, not religious” and not in line with with Catholic teaching.

And borderline New Age, to be honest.

Ultimately, one can enjoy her music while staying away from the secular New Age side of her music.

My opinion, of course.

She had one interviewer ask her point-blank if she considered her music to be New Age; she replied that she considered her work to be “music by Enya”. I think record store managers just kind of lump things into the New Age section that they aren’t sure where else to put it. I’ve seen Philip Glass (minimalist composer) in there and most music nuts would call his stuff modern classical; same goes for Brian Eno, who writes ambient music. Most of the time I’ve seen Enya in with either World Music or Pop (for some strange reason)

I love that answer of hers as to how her music should be viewed as I hate pigeon-holing mentalities with regards to music.

I don’t know but have you heard her sing O come Emmanuel?

I love May it Be from the Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack. Its the only track from the cd that I allow to be on my iPod. Its a beautiful song, regardless of her religion background.

Ooooh, yes: best rendition ever (that and Nox Arcana’s).

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