Is ET in need of salvation?


As I understand it, Adam and Eve lived a life of bliss initially. There was no suffering or death. Then they sinned and thereafter they, and everyone descended from them, had to endure suffering and death. We sinned and needed Jesus to come and save us.

If there are people on other planets, perhaps on planets around neighbouring stars or in some distant galaxy, would they be in need of salvation?

That will depend on whether or not they have sinned; if there first parents commited an original sin - or will it?

When Adam and Eve sinned they brought death into the world. Does ‘the world’ mean planet Earth or does it mean the whole of creation?

If it means the latter, imagine people living on a planet in a distant galaxy. These people had not sinned. They were living in their Garden of Eden. Two people in a distant galaxy eat an apple and all of a sudden suffering and death enter their world, they are suddenly driven out of their Garden of Eden. Imagine how perplexed they would be.

Does this notion of a people not descended from Adam and Eve suffering the consequences of our original sin seem absurd? It doesn’t if you consider the animals on Earth. They are not descended from Adam and Eve and yet suffer and die as though they were. So perhaps aliens would indeed suffer the consequences of original sin. I don’t suppose we’ll know for sure until we meet some - if they exist.

It could be, of course, that we are the aliens and that Adam and Eve lived and sinned long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. But that then raises the question of why didn’t Jesus, who suffered and died once and for all, suffer and die on their planet instead of ours? It looks likely, then, that Adam and Eve weren’t aliens.

The discovery of an alien civilization on another planet would raise some interesting theological issues. Should we wait until such beings are found before we give it any thought, or should we prepare ourselves to meet such an eventuality by giving it some thought now?


I do not believe there are Extra-Terrestrials, and if I did, I would believe Man is the superior being. If there were forms of life on other planets, I doubt they would have souls like ours- more like souls of animals.


I started writing a story not to long ago about a lapsed Catholic who was working on the first ‘contact’ with aliens. The aliens actually were Catholic (of course they didn’t call it that) but he didn’t recognize it as such. As the aliens’ entire lives revolved around their church, the lapsed Catholic came more and more into contact with it and thought “maybe something’s here…”

I didn’t say it was a good story.

I’ve wondered about this though. I don’t think there are aliens in our creation. Maybe in a ‘parrallel universe’ or something (God of course isn’t limited to our reality, he could have created hundreds) but if so, maybe some of those didn’t fall from grace. Aught to make Heaven even more interesting eh? There could be a St. Garflax that we’ve never even heard of! :smiley:

So I'm curious some denominations teach that "accept Jesus as personal Lord and Savior" and you will be saved?

If there are indeed intelligent life out there, then they wouldn’t be human, and therefore don’t share our nature. They therefore do not need salvation according to our religion, but they might have their own covenant with God.


You should read C.S. Lewis’s space trilogy beginning with Out of the Silent Planet. It’s a good story dealing with this theme.

If there are aliens on other planets not having spiritual souls, then they would not be capable of sin.

If there are aliens on other planets having spiritual souls, they would have to be a different species from us. If they are a different species, then they couldn’t have inherited original sin like the human race did.

I can’t really see how there could be human beings on other planets because that would mean either that at some point human beings mastered inter-planetary travel and some moved to another planet while the rest of us forgot completely all about it or it would mean that the doctrine of polygenism is true, which Pope Pius XII said could not apparently be reconciled with the doctrine of original sin.


I think starting with creation instead of salvation is better with this subject.

I believe the Church teaches that Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition tell us all we need to know for our salvation. Since neither of these say anything about ET’s I wonder why God would make intelligent souless being’s on other planets?


who knows? Whether or not they exist is not crucial to our salvation, hence, the silence of the Bible. If humanoid aliens exist, it changes nothing of the truths of our faith.


There’s no such thing as an intelligent soulless being (that has a body, anyway). Intelligence requires a spirit. In the case of a bodily creature, that spirit would be a soul.


Actually this is a good point. St Thomas Aquinas wrote that the Human person was made up of a composite of body and soul. The soul was made up of 2 faculties the will and the intellect.

So are we left with only beings that act out of instinct like animals on other planets?

I still can’t see why God would create life on other planets then.


I believe the Church teaches that Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition tell us all we need to know for our salvation.

That is more than likely going to be incorrect. If ET comes we will tell him and he may help or he may not. The animals do.


I still can’t see why God would create life on other planets then

“…But if it is just us, It sure seems like an awful waste of space.” Carl Sagan-Contact

I’m sure God has a plan for “whats out there”. THere is an incredible amount of ‘stuff’ out there that we cant even begin to fathom. All of these things play some part in Gods plan. If there are planets beyond our Solar System, but dont appear to have any effect on us right now, I’m sure, God will use them for something for his plan.

In Christ


The sin of Adam corrupted ALL of Creation.

It would be impossible to say that the corruption of Adam is restricted to our planet\solar system\galaxy alone, but rather extented to all material creation.

If there is rational life on other planets, they too are corrupted and are in need of salvation.


If you where to build a house for someone you loved, and had infinite resource and ability, would you just build what they could fit in and use?

I say all that “extra” space just shows how great God is and how important we are to him.


I’m a bit confused. Are you saying that Scripture and Tradition aren’t enough and we need ET’s help!? I haven’t a clue what you meant about animals.


I say all that “extra” space just shows how great God is and how important we are to him.

And if thats his plan… Fine with me… All i meant by it was I’m sure God has a purpose for it:D

In Christ


The sin of Adam did not corrupt all of creation. The good angels and the Virgin Mary come to mind.


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